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"404 - Not Found"

  1. In last few days when I am putting new post I have following problems
    (1) My complete post is emailed to subscribers and not only for me but for all my blogger friends same problem. So nobody is visiting our blog, they just read everything in the mail. Before they were getting link and has to open our blog
    (2) This is very important for me. In last few day whenever I put new post and I upload PDF or PPS files there is a big problem. When we are clicking it we get "404 - Not Found" message. This was never happening. Because of this my regular readers do not visit my blog. There is no problem with word files.
    As per your instructions I tried and published new post and uploaded PDF and PPS files but I am getting "404 - Not Found" message
    Blog url:

  2. 1. Email subscriptions have always operated this way, but if your post is longer than a few paragraphs, a short summary will be sent instead.

    2. Can you please give us a link to a post or page with the error?

  3. Thank you very much for your quick reply.
    I am putting longer than a few paragraphs and complete article is going in email to subscribers. Before it was not going but nowadays it is going and not only for me but for my other friends wordpress blog too. They were asking me to help because if everybody is reading the email than what is use of blog?

    After sending you email I tried to upload PDF files and I can download and read it. For your information my all other back dated PDF files in the post which I could open before but during this time I could not open. But at the same I time I could open my page PDF files. This is happening for few hours and it works again and it stops some times. As I told you I am unable to send you error post or page as it is working

  4. Hi there, you can change your email notifications to include only a short excerpt by visiting your Settings -> Reading page.

    Next to "For each article in a feed" select "Summary".

    Make sure to scroll down and click the blue "Save Changes" button.

    You can read more about Reading Settings here:

    If you see the problem with PDFs again, please provide us a link to an example. Thanks!

  5. Dear Debeckett,

    Thank you very much. Frankly speaking I am not a computer guy but with help of WP and happiness engineers like you and others,I could make this blog.

    I am did in email noification as per your instruction and hope will work.

    Regarding PDF and PPS files I published a post with title only and then I edited or say modify it. Then I uploaded PDF file. Do you think because of this there was problem with PDF. I changed it within 5 minutes so no question of changing date.

    Can we modify the post or not? Can we modify it on same day or it can be modify any time.

    I put just title and than modify and add PDF file so that my complete post is
    is not going with email. It work fine but problem of getting error. May be this has nothing to do with modifying but may have some other problem. As and when I will get error I will let you know.

    Once again thanking you

    Vipul M Desai

  6. Modifying a post shouldn't affect the file, but if you ever see the error again, please let us know along with a link to the affected post.

  7. Dear Debeckett and Macmanx,

    This is the link I just put and I am getting error message 404 not found. I do not know it may not show same after sometime. You have to check just now.
    With warm regards
    Vipul M Desai

  8. Dear Debeckett and Macmanx,

    This is old post now I am getting 404 not found message

    For all following PDF files I am getting 404 not found message


    Vipul M Desai

  9. Dear Debeckett and Macmanx,

    This is old post now I am getting 404 not found message

    For all following PDF files I am getting 404 not found message

    Vipul M Desai

  10. All of the files are downloading just fine for me.

    I noticed that you're using Firefox 15, which is a beta release that we can't really support yet.

    Would you please check in a different browser, like Chrome or IE?

  11. Hm, still working just fine here.

    Do you have access to another computer or network (work, school, café, library, etc) that you could check from?

  12. I will try and let you know .

    For your surprise same files are now open after some time. After some time I get error 404. You can check all PDF files which I sent you saying that I can not open, now I can open. For example

    This is the most recent file for which I complained. I can open it now. But tomorrow particularly in the evening it will not open

    But on this computer and in the same front page I can open following PDF files like. Why some PDF files you can open and others you can not?

  13. All of those files open for me, so I suspect something may be wrong with your local connection or setup.

  14. I can understand but why some PDF files I can open and at the same time I can not open most recent files? Just now I can not open my stat!/my-stats/

    But same stat I get other way like this

    I think this has nothing to do with computer, if there is something wrong in computer then it will not open it any time. After some time if I will click stat it will open it.

  15. Do you also see a 404 at!/my-stats/ ?

  16. I do not remember it. But for your information now same link i.e.!/my-stats/

    I can open it. Which I could not open before when I complained to you. Some time it opens and some time not.

  17. That's definitely something odd on your end then.

    If!/my-stats/ were to issue a 404 due to a problem on our end, it would do the same for everyone here.

    Are you running any firewalls, anti-virus, or security programs? If so, is there any difference if you disable those?

  18. As I told you it is not working few times and working most of the time. Yesterday itself was working o.k. after some time. If there is any problem with firewalls,antivirus or say security it will not work any time.
    This has started recently.

  19. Could you please make a screenshot of the exact error that you receive intermittently?

    You can make a screenshot by following this guide:

    Then, upload the screenshot to your media library.

    We'll be happy to take a look.

  20. At present I do not have problem but as and when it happens I will take actions as per your instructions and let you know. Thanks for support

  21. Dear chrisrudzki,
    As per your instruction I added a screenshot in my library because today once again I got 404 not found.
    I added two screenshot, one for new post in my regional language and another in page for power point show. Now it is available in my media library.
    My blog address is
    With warm regards
    Vipul M Desai

  22. Those are the right URLs, and they're working for me now.

    Were these files just recently uploaded, and are they working for you now?

  23. Dear macmanx,
    As I told you it is not working for specific time. Now it is working for me. It is always happening for some period I get 404 not found. After an hour or an hour and half it starts working.
    Vipul M Desai

  24. The next time you see, would you please try clearing your browser cache to see if that works?

  25. o.k. I will try

  26. You're welcome!

  27. When I load pps files it is downloaded in computer and then you can watch it. But when I put pdf files they open directly. My subscribers want to download it but they can not. Is there any way by which I can load the files and they can first down load to there computer and can then only watch like pps
    Vipul M Desai

  28. They can download the files by right-clicking or control-clicking them and selecting "Download File As" or "Save File As," depending on the browser.

    The thing is that most browsers automatically display PDF files, and that isn't something that we have control over. The viewers basically have to force the browser to download the files.

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