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  1. I edited the permalink url for couple of my posts and i found no errors, but after i edited the permalink url for another post (current url - , I'm seeing the error message " 404 Not Found Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.".

    I see the above error message when I click the permalink from my facebook page ( in which i had shared this post on 21 Sep 2012, post tittled " Lord Sri Krishna Is The Supreme Controller ". I can see the post in my posts list in page.

    The present permalink url for the above post is

    I'm able to see this post without any errors from Tumblr ( in which i posted the same, but when i click the permalink from facebook, i get the above mentioned error message. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I used edit option to edit the permalink url which has invalid characters in the url, but it wont change, it still remains the same as listed below :

    I'm of the opinion the correct url should be " ".

    I understand that i could delete and do the repost but me being a learner and a novice in WordPress, i would like to learn and know if there's work around for the above mentioned issue. Please help.

  3. Please be aware that permalink structure cannot be changed on free hosted blogs.

  4. Thank for your response, but, if this is the case " permalink structure cannot be changed on free hosted blogs.", why am I not seeing any error messages for the edited 2 permalink urls and only for the 3rd one ?

  5. The previous response is irrelevant. You can't change the structure (that is, what the URL should include in what order), but you certainly can change the editable part of the permalink (the slug) - which is what you're asking about.
    Go to Posts > All Posts, hover over the post title, click Quick Edit, correct the Slug, click Update.

  6. Justpi,Thanks for your reply.

    Were you able to replicate the 404 error message by clicking the post's permalink from my facebook page ( and from my tumblr blog ( ?

    I edited the slug as you suggested, but i'm still seeing the 404 error message when i click the post from my facebook page's permalink url ( ) but not from my tumblr blog post's permalink url ( .

    I did the right click, selected the the copy link location for the post in my facebook page and in tumblr blog which i pasted above for your info.

    Otherwise the url in is this,, which is fine.

    Clicking the post's permalink url from tumblr blog i dont see any error message, but its when i click the post's permalink url from facebook, which then redirects to blog, in which i still see the 404 error message, even after editing the slug as you suggested. I doubled checked if there's any special characters in the slug edit field-box, there's none.

    Facebook permalink url's re-direction shows error messages, but not from Tumblr which redirects to the post in and works like a charm.

  7. When I first checked your blog, the URL still had the invalid characters. Now you have corrected it.

    The Facebook status links to this (nonexistent) URL:
    I'd suggest you remove the status and re-do it.

  8. I removed the old status in FB and shared the post in wordpress to my FB page and it works now. No Errors, its clean.

    Thank you justpi, for suggesting to edit the slug, it resolved the issue.

    timethief, Thanks to you. .

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