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404 not found errors_in the KK - lang

  1. Hi all,


    I get this error when I try to link a post :

    "Error 404 – File not Found
    Sorry, but the page you were looking for could not be found."

    looks like this happens in the many of Kazakh bloggers (

    How we can fix this ...
    is this related with utf8 urls???


  2. Same happens for most of the postings in my blog:

    The strange thing is that in some cases it is able to load successfully in 5-10 refreshes.

    But most of the times it fails to load.

    At first I though this might have something to do with database overload. But then again -- editing a page is never a problem. I can normally edit and save the posting, but the viewing problems still persist most of the time.

    Also, I think the problem is not connected with the UTF-8 characters in the URL

    Because I changed the URL of the posting to use numbers instead of the UTF-8 characters, and the behaviour remained the same.

  3. You have to change the permalink in every post with something written in latin characters.

  4. HI, Afasios, yes that's way to resolve this problem.
    but what if i 've hundreds of posts :(

  5. hey... people, from worpress
    what do you say ...

  6. @afasios, if permalinks are the problem, then why sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't?

  7. This ptoblem takes global character, impossible work no more.
    there are don't works "tag" links "catergory" links old posts etc ....

    pls, say me, what to do ...?!

  8. 1) please don't post the same thing in multiple threads. It only slows us down when we're trying to help you

    2) lots of people have reported this problem. Staff say the way to get it fixed is to REPORT DIRECTLY to them.

    They don't usually read the forums, so that is the way to get them to fix it.

  9. baurdotnet, I am afraid that you will have to change the permalink in almost all of your posts. In order not to do that at once, I check my articles that others click on to read and I do the changes I must. In deed, while days were passing, the problem got bigger in me blog too.Good luck and be patient :)
    PS. Support team seemed to be off for some days.

  10. erythros, thanks. but I want to wait for a while. I've many of posts that links to each other. Maybe that problem will be down by pepole from wordpress, I'm hope!!!

  11. @raincoaster, thanks :-) I'll contact them.

  12. @baurdotnet, I've just contacted the support through the web form as raincoaster suggested, and they've fixed my 2 blogs in a matter of seconds :-D

    10x again, raincoaster

  13. Glad to hear it worked out for you. You're welcome!

  14. Cool :-D ...

    There are no problem in my blogs any more.
    Thanks very much!!!
    "WORDPRESS best of best" ;-)

  15. special thanks to "raincoaster" ;-)

  16. You're welcome. I don't know what was going on with the links, but it does seem to be fixed now.

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