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404 on posts

  1. Hello! I have 404 errors on two different blogs I've started (under different user names). On the front page I can see my postings, but when I click the permalink I only see a 404 error. Is there something I can do to correct this?

    Also, when I log in to I do not see my blog listed under 'my blogs'.

    My blogs are:

    I also have a third blog that works as it should.

    I've registered the blogs under different email-adresses, but all using the same domain ( Could that be a problem?

  2. I'm having the same problem on my new blog that I just started:

    When I attempt to post a comment or click on the "read more" I get the "Doh" 404 error.

  3. I created a page and noticed it went away.. then I deleted the page and it continued to not appear.

  4. That worked. :-)

    I took your word for it on creating a page and presto my 404 errors went away. An unusual fix for sure, but hey, I can't argue with the results.

    Thank you urbanscience!

  5. I'm not quite I understand. When you deleted the page it appeared? Or you created another page, and deleted that, and you could see the rest?

  6. Strange. I created a page, and now the posts work too... Was that what you did?

  7. I guess it's working now...

  8. This seems to be a bug at least on blogs that started today (mine has the same problem). I'll experiment with the page but someone should file a bug, don't you think?

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