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404 - Page not found for our blog

  1. floatingfrisbee

    Its been 2 days in a row that we are seeing a 404 - Page Not Found for our blog. It happens at random times and we haven't been able to get to the bottom of it. Can you please help?

    Also, is this the best way to get in touch with you to resolve a support issue?


    The blog I need help with is


    Are you talking about posts which result in a 404? Have you kept track of which posts exhibit this behavior—"random" makes it impossible to make a logical suggestion about what is wrong.

  3. floatingfrisbee

    When the 404s happen, they do so for all posts, the home page and admin pages.

    What is random is the timing, meaning I still haven't identified any pattern around when or following what action I see this behavior.


  4. @Jaspreet

    If there is no pattern, then contacting Support directly would be your best option.

    Your blog is linked from a non WordPress site. Perhaps there are problems with viewing your blog from that end?

  5. should have written "linked through a non WordPress site."

  6. floatingfrisbee

    We have purchased the domain mapping option from WordPress and so we mapped our blog address ( to a subdomain of our site (

    However, when I see the 404 it is also exhibited with the native URL, i.e.

    I did also contact WordPress support yesterday using the form at but have yet to receive a response. Do they also have a telephone number (couldn't spot one on the website)?

    I really appreciate your time and help.


  7. No, they communicate via email. Don't add a new support ticket. Just be patient. Also look in your spam/junk folder in case that the reply was mistakenly moved there.

    That was the only thing I could think of, that the mapping to the subdomain is being blocked? or the host has some sort of restrictions with wordpress or
    well, sorry I couldn't help.

  8. It just occurred to me that maybe, unlikely, but possible:
    Have your readers reported problems to you?
    Maybe you have browser issues:
    Though if you can't even get into your admin pages it seems unlikely…
    though worth a try: it's quickly done.

  9. floatingfrisbee

    Another team member and I see the 404 (off and on), and yet another team member has no issues at all.

    I have tried the troubleshooting steps on but those do not fix the issue.

    No one else has yet reported any issues and its definitely possible that this is a problem specific to my laptop (and the laptop of the other team member that sees the issue - hopefully not malware!).

    It'll be great to hear from WordPress and see if they can help me figure it out.

    Again, thanks for your help!


  10. You could have an ISP or ISP caching issue also

  11. We are having the same problem on our blog when we set up a sub-domain. I cleared cache, etc. and I am still getting the 404 error. I have contacted support but have not heard back yet.

  12. @ljbinc
    Which blog are your referring to? Please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question. The site linked to your username is not a free hosted blog and those are the only blogs we provide support for here at

  13. @timethief - I am referring to The wordpress URL is Right now it is a secured blog because we aren't ready for it to be public due to some of these issues. However, I don't even get the prompt for the login when I try to go to the address.

    Our internal one, works, but the one with a subdomain is not working. I'm not sure what I did differently.

  14. @ljbinc

    Typically 404 Page not found errors on a new blog are caused when the initial "Hello World" Post is deleted and no other content is Posted to replace it - then the WordPress software tries to find a Post to display but there is no Post to display - so the error - try making a new Post.

  15. @auxclass - I posted another test post and it worked for the URL. Our subdomain still isn't working. Is that something on our end? It's not finding the address.

  16. floatingfrisbee

    Hi @ljbinc,

    Sorry to hear that you're still seeing this issue. We never got to the root of it but it did go away for us.

    Can you test if your blog is accessible from other machines outside your immediate network (or from your mobile phone)? That might help narrow down the issue.

    Re: Support, we did hear back from support but a couple of days later. They do their best but unfortunately they do not have phone support and a LOT of websites to manage. You can try explicitly mailing [email redacted] and to expedite the process.


  17. @floatingfrisbee - thanks for the suggestion. Now that the is working, I tested our subdomain and it works externally. It is something we need to fix internally and our IT group is working on it now. Thanks again for everyone's help!

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