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5 Drugstore Must Haves!!

  1. Ladies, Visit My 5 Drugstore Cosmetic Favorites & see if you're in need for any of these affordable easy to access products! Hope you visit & enjoy!

    visit my blog:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Now see Pete, this is what I'm saying... This one says to "stay beautiful, ladies" and then tells us we "must have" eye liner, lip balm and milk of magnesia to put on our face. How am I supposed to not comment? ... I kept in at three lines! =)

  3. ohh my really? well just fyi, this is meant for people who are looking for products & need help. Just giving them my opinions & preferences. They can be beautiful with or without makeup. Like really? do i need to spell every single thing out?

  4. lol @ Gigi, get back to work woman x

  5. S-p-e-l-l i-t o-u-t. Please. For those of us that aren't as intelligent.

    Jagit --> "I am in my autumn, widowed and alone now, I have come to that time that most mothers dread “The ME Time” --> Since you're older, and no doubt wiser, I am honored that you're on my case. I suppose I'm in the winter of my life. = )

  6. Still not to big to go over my knee girl now are you getting back to it or does Pete have to take a spanking too lmao x

  7. lol just read that back, Pete might like it haha!

  8. @ kayluhbayla I have visited your blog and I think it is pretty cool, but I do have one question and dont take offence OK, but is kayluhbayla male or female? x

  9. jagit: no no im not offended lol but i'm a female. sorry if i didn't make that clear on my blog! & thanks i appreciate it!

    gigisanchez: that was my first day, & so i apologize if the term "stay beautiful ladies" & "5 drugstore must haves" contradicted each other. im not here to offend anyone :) i meant those are my 5 drugstore must haves.

  10. Hi Kaylubayla,
    I had a funny feeling that the messages you are receiving from our society was not exactly positive. Same messages all us women get. And now I see that you have placed a sexist pic on your blog that depicts giant male genitalia and a woman degrading herself and the entire female gender along with her -since ads are powerful.

    Two questions:
    -What does that picture say to you?
    -Why do you think men don’t wear makeup?

    This is my third post today and that’s my limit or I won’t be able to save Pete’s life. = )

  11. You had me sweating you selfish cow

  12. gigisanchez: that was my first day & I hadn't recieved any negative feedback except yours. I was offended that I was trying to help anyone who maybe was having trouble finding the right products [including men if they also are interested in the same products] & you came and criticized it. But I appreciate the feedback & criticism for future purposes.

    1. I love watching Jersey Shore; I find it highly entertaining. I think the cast is hilarious & that was why I posted the picture. But if the picture offends you then I will be happy to take it down.

    2. I don't think men don't wear makeup? If they do, then good for them. If not that's fine too. Where did that question come from?

  13. I only asked because of the Jersey Shore picture, its something a man would put up x

  14. It's a bit sexist and I'm sure there are others you could use x

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