5 Posts on main page, 200 in Category acrchives, is this possible ?

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    Im my blog http://itechscotland.wordpress.com (using Mystic theme btw) – I would like to be able to only display 5 of my most recent posts in the ‘Latest news’ section, but in the category archives I would like to have a lot of posts appear there.

    I tried changing the settings under ‘reading’ from the dashboard but If I change the max posts to display to say 5 (in the latest news section), it also changes this number to 5 in categorie archives, which I dont want.

    So say I have 30 posts listed under the XBOX 360 category, I dont want it to show only 5 per page, then have users clicking the ‘older posts’ link to find one of my first posts I published in the 360 category. It would be so much easier if I could display all my posts there on the one page, making it easier for people to find. Hmm.

    I did read a forum response about just creating an Archives page and manually linking all my posts to that page, but Im sure there must be an easier (ok well not easier) but less time consuming way of doing this ??

    Any ideas ?

    The blog I need help with is itechscotland.wordpress.com.


    Would probably help if I could spell archives properly as well ha


    No, it is not possible to set the category or archives pages to show different numbers of posts than the main page.

    There is the archives shortcode that can be used to produce a complete list of posts, but it cannot be limited by category. It will show all posts.


    Aha ! I guess that will do just now. Im going to play about with it.

    Thanks for you help.

    I guess it’s case closed until the next time :-)

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