50 MB limit?

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    Checking my stats page this morning I found this message on top of the page (in the space normally reserved for announcements by staff)

    “WordPress.com tip: You have uploaded 196 MB of files, exceeding your quota by 146 MB. Consider deleting some files to free up more space, or purchasing a space upgrade so you can upload more.”

    What is the reason for this?


    You shouldn’t see that message if you haven’t used up all of the space allotted. Can you please try refreshing your media library page or clearing browser cache and check to see if the message is still there after that?


    It has gone now and I have done nothing (channelling Sgt Schultz there)

    I thought the limit was 3 gig – or is that something different? And why would the cache on my computer affect my WordPess account? I’m confused.


    Re-reading the support site you quoted me – would I be correct in thinking that the message is not, in fact from WordPress, but from either my ISP or my own computer?

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