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    basic wp account, so no chance of using sql, wp sucks because they try to do everything to get you to pay for basic services. As it seems they now do it via poor akismet and at the same time preventing you to use the most basic features of all: deleting mass spam. I consider to say byebye to wp. There are alternatives…

    The blog I need help with is heimdallwardablog.wordpress.com.



    Hey heimdallwardablog,

    Did you see comments in the spam folder? If so, it means Akismet is doing a great job.

    Even if you see the suspicious comments in the “Pending Approval” section, you can manually mark them as spam.

    And don’t worry, the spam comments automatically get deleted after 30 days.
    But if the number bothers you, you can manually empty the spam folder.

    For more unwanted comments, Please read this. https://en.support.wordpress.com/unwanted-comments/



    And if you feel that someone is spamming your website by commenting, again and again, you can add that user to the blacklist.


    Hope this helps. The above-mentioned links can help you know about unwanted comments and how to control them.


    Thx for the reply, Ravichahar and the quick response.
    1. Akismet is not doing a good job. About 10 days ago there were 2000 spam in the spamfolder and I can only delete them in bunches of 20! Are you good in maths? How long did I need to delete them if I had to press: bundle action, klick row, delete, waiting till processed, next- bundle action, klick row, delete, wait, next … this procedure is possible for about 15 times, than I had to reload the wp site, starting again…
    Several days later I had about 5000 spam and wordpress got somehow slow. Now I have 50.000 in the trash (yeah great A-kismet – I am not a friend of the moslem idea of determined fate aka kismet, spam is not a fate, spam is the result of the deeds of bored or payed corrupt individuals combined with poor IT management) and:
    2. Why did I delete the spam and now want to delete the trash bin? wordpress suddenly does not show any comments and comment alerts any more, the alert list is empty, instead it tells me: there are no comments and I should become active blabla. Furthermore wp became very slow.
    3. The spam origin is variable like any virus. A blacklist is not helpful. It would only be helpful, if I am aware of the actual spamming to interupt the process. After the attack, which mostly only needs several minutes, the sending party (address) changes for the next wave.
    4. I wanted to get a helpful captcha plugin for my readers, but wp thinks, this basic basic feature, just a copy-paste code, should be payed for, a “luxury plugin”… on the other hand wp offers honeypots, fancy stuff like dozens of design features. Yes wp is great. Nice only at the outside? Once you are a wp member they urge you to upgrade, because your daily bloglife is becoming miserable. It is really really sad, because the wp community is very inspiring.
    Anyway thx for the links.



    If you don’t want to use wordpress.com, you can always switch to the selfhosted wordpress.org where you have almost full control.




    If I were you I would:

    1- Increase the Akismet Strictness to “Silently discard the worst and most pervasive spam so I never see it.” This way the spam will not be stored at all.

    … And/Or…

    2 – Go to the Spam folder itself, click on “Screen Options,” and increase the number for “Number of items per page” to 999 (the maximum), select all and bulk-act on it with a delete

    3 – There are many CAPTCHA plugins for WP that are free.



    Hi helpful community! Thx.
    at my free wordpress.com I can not increase the number of items per page, there are no “screen options”. Otherwise I would have done it before bothering the community with complaints.
    wp.com also says, I can not have access to Akismet without uprade to at least 5 bucks
    it does not allow the installation of other plugins (except from 6 useless specific wp plugins. useless, because no captcha or other useful tools are offered) without upgrade.
    You are right! As you wrote, there are many free captcha tools, so I got angry that free wp.com hinders the blogger from uploading at least those basic tools that enables bloggers to do what wp want them to do: blog properly.
    this is new info! thx! I was not aware that .com and .org could be and are so different from eachother. I was just blind in that direction and will start investigating. You won the support “competition”.



    Just adding to the good advice given by @ravichahar and @deepethiopian:

    2000 spam in the spamfolder and I can only delete them in bunches of 20

    If the spam comments are in the spam folder, then Akismet is doing its job correctly.

    As @ravichahar mentioned, if you are working from the WP Admin>Comments dashboard in your WordPressdotcom site you can click the EMPTY SPAM button to remove all spam in the spam folder at once (though with 2000+ it may take a few clicks if you get error messages), or wait 30 days and the spam will automatically be deleted for you.

    If you wish to delete these spam manually, then as @deepethiopian mentioned, increase the number of items you see under Screen Options.

    Sorry for the repetition.

    Regardless of the above, I’ve tagged this thread for Staff attention to note your concerns.

    @deepethiopian plugins are only available to WordPressdotcom users on the Business plan upgrade. In case you haven’t yet seen it, here is our support guide for forum volunteers which has a lot of good tips and tricks: https://en.support.wordpress.com/wordpress-com-volunteers/




    Hello again, we crossposted.

    You can increase the number of visible items only in the Screen Options found at the WP Admin>Comments dashboard. For your above site https://heimdallwardablog.wordpress.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php

    All WordPressdotcom sites come with Akismet preinstalled. You do not need to pay for an additional upgrade to use Akismet.


    Hi –

    Thanks for the tag, I’m happy to follow up.

    I don’t have much to offer though as our volunteers here have already provided a good explanation of how to work around seeing the spam.

    Ultimately, the only way to completely eliminate the spam would be to have a private site. If that’s something you’re interested in, see here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/settings/privacy-settings/


    hello to all of you, again.
    repetition sometimes seem to be a necessity for human beings. THX for your patience.
    wp is a strange thing: I used the dashboard until wp told me I could / should use the improved site just to find out that the “improved screen” did not include all features of the old dashboard… but thanks to you I am back at the old dashboard. And after a few clicks (as you told me) everything is deleted for now and the list shown is extended to 999 comments.
    I now will check, if the comments and the alerts show up again. If so, I will not post again.
    Akismet: yes I know that Akismet is installed as a basic, but I read that one can use certain features in case of spam problems and followed the wp Akismet link. I endet up at a site telling me, I can not proceed in Akismet, because I need the upgrade. The same with using sql. But thanks to all of you the problem is solved anyway.
    Strangely Akismet did not put the spam in the spam folder, but in the trash. Also okay for me as long the trash can be removed with a viw clicks instead of endless repetitions of clicking procedures.
    Still I would like to have the captcha plugin.
    yes thx, I will check your link.
    THX to all of you for your support.


    Howdy – I’ll be here to answer any follow up questions and if I don’t hear back I’ll go ahead and mark this thread resolved. Cheers!

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