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503 Service Unavailable

  1. If I try to "Write" or manage "Categories" I get the following error page...

    503 Service Unavailable
    The server is temporarily busy, try again later! Powered By LiteSpeed Web Server

    Lite Speed Technologies is not responsible for administration and contents of this web site!

  2. i also found that prob..

  3. Yup! This crap has been going on for hours now. According to Michelle a couple other blogsites have been experiencing similar problems. It's internet jihad folks.

  4. Yeah, its still doing it and its making me mad lol.

  5. Same here..................

    When I try to write a post or edit a bookmark in dashboard I am getting the following error message:

    503 Service Unavailable
    The server is temporarily busy, try again later! Powered By LiteSpeed Web Server
    Lite Speed Technologies is not responsible for administration and contents of this web site!

    This is a recent development, What gives?

  6. Same for me ...

  7. same :(

  8. Guess everybody at WordPress took the weekend off. It's been over 12 hours now.

  9. Can't contact WordPress through Feedback either, all I get is "sending feedback" nothing else, kinda like the screen freezes.

  10. Does this happen often? This is my third day on WordPress -- and I'd like to blog. . .

  11. Ok, just started my blog this morning and I was wondering what I was doing wrong! Guess I won't bother my geek son to help me.....I'll just check in later.......

  12. Yes, it's happening to me too with Categories and Bookmarks. I am assuming it must be something to do with the server upgrades mentioned somewhere.

  13. I've been blogging for a week. I've seen down-time for server maintenance but have never encounrtered a 404 or 503 error until today.

  14. there is any way to correct this problem

  15. I can't write new post in my wordpress blog for 2 days.
    503 Service Unavailable
    The server is temporarily busy, try again later!

    SAME FOR ME......

  16. I have been trying now for over 2 hours to replicate the problem. I can't. I can't get this to happen for me.
    There are no service disruptions here and while I appreciate the frustrations so far if there was something bad happening then there would be a lot more posts / feedbacks.
    Errors that are repeatable are findable and can be sorted.
    A 503 does not necessarily mean the system here is at fault.
    I will keep trying to make this occur but given my efforts so far it won't be successful.

  17. padz,
    It is definitely something wrong with your server. My friend registered a new blog with wordpress at approximately 8:45 this AM, He is able to write posts and manage categories with no problem but I still can't. I'm wondering if recently registered users are on a newer server and if so, it is only the server that older bloggers are on that is experiencing problems. Could this be the case?

  18. No I don't believe it is just happening to 'older' bloggers. I just opened an account here yesterday and I have not been able to edit or post. I get the same error as I see posted in this thread. Hope it gets fixed soon

  19. Podz
    So far I counted 12 members getting the same 503 error message. Thse users are in all different parts of the country and using all manner of different web browsers. I'm using firefox and having problems but my friend is using firefox and having no problems.We are both in Atlanta. Seemingly, the only thing that is common to all twelve of us is the wordpress servers. Maybe it's certain links between certain web browsers and the wordpress servers. Also, My friend has me as a user(author) on his blog. When he signs in to his blog, he can write posts but when he toggles to my blog from within his, he can not write a posts.....

  20. I am still trying.
    I have posted to my blog, to another blog. One very old, the other new. I have no problems on either.
    I know there are 12 people here but if there was something I could find then we could do something about it. There are 160,000+ blogs so something hitting just a few is very hard indeed to nail down. If I could do an a-b-c-503 then that would be great as the error could be found. But I can't.

    It is being looked at though and I am still trying to find what I can.

  21. 503 error
    I was able to write posts and manage categories this morning up until about 0730a.m. eastern time.....since then I've been getting the 503 error message....the fact that this issue has reamined unresolved for so long without even an inkling of what's causing it is very disappointing.....

  22. I agree, I have many wordpress blogs, and I always seem to get problems with things loading or errors and stuff like that.

  23. Okay - we have a cause.
    Fix on the way

  24. Thank you, that is very good news.

  25. Everyone above this post should be fixed.

    If not - please send a feedback. I have some there to do and then I'll deal with them as they come in.

    I'm really sorry it took this long.

  26. Mine is still doing it :(

  27. When I go into my blog no problem but when I go to dashboard to swith between blogs I still get the 503 error, but at least I can work on one of them :o)

  28. Feedback please ?

  29. I did..... But sometimes it works then maybe two min later it does it again.

  30. celticspot - I have yours and I see the problem.

    All others - please use the feedback. It makes keeping track of things easier and it helps us to help you.

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