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503 Service Unavailable

  1. Got a problem with my categories: some of them are lost, and the main page and the posts page shows me "503 Service Unavailable" error. The categories page is available, but some of them are not shown. I am supposing that i have mistaken a subcategory or something...

  2. Best bet would be to send in a feedback as it's a backend issue and there's little we can do here in the forums.

    I would also suggest stating which specific categories are causing the issue. Not a good idea to make those trying to help you guess at what you're looking at. :)

  3. Thanks Drmike. I have already sent a feeback with the information... i think that i overlap a branch of categories. i have mistaken choosing a especific categorie to be the subcategorie of a (sub)categorie tha was already included on the branch, so the whole branch cancel it self -the branch doesnot appear on the categories page anymore-. This situation affected the entries page and the especific pages of the posts that show those categories -including the main page-. Meanwhile, in order to have access to the main page, i reduce the number of entries shown on the pages, so the infected posts wouldnot show. It worked, but almost all the links of my sidebar are completely broken. I sent feeback about 12 hours ago. I will send another one, including the subscategos that are doing trouble...

  4. Now my mainpage is showing the 503 error too!! This didnot happend 10 minutes ago!!

  5. Sorry!
    Your blog is being actively worked on right now to cure the problem. It's slightly trickier than we thought - don't be alarmed though :)

  6. Ok. thank u. I will be pacient...

  7. My page for editing entries shows by now all my categories without branches, the same in my categories page. Still have no access to the entriespage nor mainpage.

    Well, I am just reporting it in real time -almost-....

    Perhaps after all this, someone could explain to me wtf really happend -in order to prevent, but also in order to evitate doing bizarre speculations-..

  8. Perhaps after all this, someone could explain to me wtf really happend -in order to prevent, but also in order to evitate doing bizarre speculations-..

    Something screwed up that had absolutely nothing to do with anything you were doing. Probably a server hickup.

    It doesn't happen very often, chances are unlikely it will hit you again.

  9. Thanks engtech for the common sense. In this case i think that what caused the problem was a human error -my error-. Thanks to wp support, i will be able to continue this wp experiencie.

  10. Ajem!!! podz!!
    Is there any fatal notice?
    Should i worry?

  11. Well this is my blog status:
    *Now i can access to mainpage but not to entriespage.
    *I can see my categories without any branch, and i recovered the categories that were lost.
    *I found that the categorie´s block on the sidebar is off: i put it back on but the 503 error persisted on mainpage, so i took it off again.
    *Still cannot display on mainpage any post marked with the categories that caused the problem.
    ¿what can i do?
    ¿should i feedback again?

  12. MMM, ok one minute after the last message everythinge went fine: now naxos.wordpress is cured. Thanks deepely. I will leave this board open until tomorrow just to get an ultimate advice about the categories: should i subcategorize again or leave the alfabetical order?

  13. Prettu much up to you and how you feel about it. I list by subcategories since I think it looks better. (And Angela has nothing to do with Akismet)

  14. (And Angela has nothing to do with Akismet)

    Good to know it... But who is Angela anyway? And what is Akismet?
    I think that you are right, thanks for the advice. I was afraid to subcategorize, but wpsupport sent me an email telling me that the problem wont happend again because they added some code to prevent those twisted branches.

  15. I think this thread can be closed now. I do not know if i am supposed ti do that.
    I want to thank everyone:


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