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504 Gateway Time-out - nginx

  1. is partially down? Or what's going on? I get this message: "504 Gateway Time-out - nginx"

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Unfortunately we're having some problems at the moment, but rest assured we're looking into it. I'll keep you posted as and when we have more information!

  3. Thanks, Hanni...

  4. We've found the problem and the fix should start going out very soon, thanks for your continued patience guys, I'll let you know when things should start looking normal again.

  5. glad you located the problem! It caught me just as I was about to publish a blogpost. :( hope it comes back up soon!

  6. glad you located the problem! It caught me just as I was about to publish a blogpost. :( hope it comes back up soon!

  7. i still have that problem at the moment, is there a problem with me or my wordcount?

  8. Just marking this forum so I know to come back and check for updates.

  9. superbasketball

    Same for me, I hope we get back online soon...

  10. I got it too - lost my finely crafted post! :o(

  11. thirtyoneorten

    Any idea when it'll be back up?

  12. thirtyoneorten

    Any idea when it'll be back up?

  13. We're still working on it guys, hold on tight!

  14. I get this too...and yesterday a friend tried reading my about me after clicking on my gravatar and it wouldnt open....felt like a fool.....

    I wonder if this is connected to the same problem...?

  15. Same problem for me. I hope that you will fix it as soon as possible.

  16. Hoping I haven't lost all my post either. Can I blame you guys if there's a break in my postaday count? ;) (35 minutes to midnight, here...)

  17. WordPress --- May the force be with you !

  18. Thanks for your hard work. I was starting to get concerned until I found this thread.

  19. Thanks for the status. Should have come here before sending a Contact Support,

  20. I get 503 as well as 504.

  21. @kaet - oh no! Feel free to blame me, but we're hoping it'll be up so you can keep on going with that.

  22. Thanks guys, it's nice to find out what's going on right after noticing there was a problem.

  23. The yellow band info at the top is a fine thing. Hope this will be the new standard in case of general problems on WP...

  24. @universalgeni it is the system we use to keep you guys alerted when (if!) we ever have big problems. :)

  25. Thanks again, Hanni! :-)

  26. I also have problems here with the "504 Gateway Time-out - nginx" for 40 minutes now.

    Should we check back here to see if problem is fixed?

  27. good to read, I'm not the only one who is "off" at the moment. Thought the reason might be changing the browser to Firefox 4.0.

    Dear God, give me patience, but quickly, please.

  28. @2elmarie the latest information will indeed be both here, and in the yellow message you can see across the top of the page. Thanks so much for your patience (and you @frauladybird!)

  29. It's good to know you're on it. :)
    I was about to panic or smack my computer (in 70% of the cases it's the reason for any trouble I have xD), but now I can wait, I guess. ;)

  30. @hanni

    You guys are doing a wonderful job thanks and patience is a virtue :-)


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