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504 Gateway Time-out - nginx

  1. I get the 504 error when I go to make a post,it's quite an annoyance but hopefully the thing will be fixed!

    Got more posts to get done during my daily blogging posts.....

  2. I have a programmed publication for tomorrow.... if the systems still fail, would it public the programmed new entry anyway???

  3. I get a:


    There was a small systems error. Please try refreshing the page and if the error is still there drop us a note and let us know.

    too - is this issue still open or did I mess up something?

  4. @shiku49

    lol don' smack your poor computer lol that was funny lol lol lol

  5. Can we fix it! Yes you can. :)

  6. " is no longer available"- why do you tell people I have deleted my blog, is that part of the problem you have?

  7. @desfibriladoretsam your post will publish as normal tomorrow, please don't worry.

    @hodyshoran that's part of the issue we're working on. :)

  8. @frauladybird that's entirely separate to this problem I'm afraid - it looks like you deleted your blog on October 13th, 160 days ago.

  9. mahouxnagareboshi

    @frauladybird i have noticed this problem a few days ago as well with another blog i frequent. It would be really interesting to hear if this IS related to this problem.

  10. Seeing that the Worpress community are all here... How is everybody !!!! :-) All smiles I hope.
    Thanks to all the Worpress engineers for working on the problem :-)

  11. everydaylifestyle

    I was about to save my draft. Was all the info lost, since the last autosave??

    My blog is still intact, but can't reach "my blog" section. I have had "Whoops! There was a small systems error", just in case you need to know.

  12. @mahouxnagareboshi please contact support with the details when the dashboard problem calms, down (we'll re-open asap at That's not a known, or indeed related issue :)

  13. @everydaylifestyle the auto-save should have caught you, we'll be able to investigate further once the problem's been fixed. If you're stuck, please, ping us in support once we're open again.

  14. cindyashleymiller

    ...cannot get into my own account....

    ...............SYSTEM 503/504 ERROR!!!

  15. mahouxnagareboshi

    @hanni i will do so. As it's indeed a bit of a strange problem, and it seems to go on and off - not being able to access an otherwise existing blog. But i will send you the details as soon as this here problem is resolved. :)

  16. I hope the issue is resolved soon. Thank you to the WordPress staff for all their hard work to try and fix this major problem.

  17. greeniebeaniebeanie

    8D. I can''t access my dashboard..

  18. @cindyashleymiller - I am sorry about that, rest assured we are working very hard to get things back up and running right now - we're almost there!

  19. psychiccarlabaron

    I am having this issue when I try to check stats.

  20. @greeniebeaniebeanie - that's the issue I'm afraid, but we'll get things back up and running asap. The latest information will be in this thread, and in the yelllow notice you see at the top of the page.

  21. psychiccarlabaron

    And dashboard.

  22. @psychiccarlabaron - Unfortunately we're all in the same boat right now, thanks so much for your patience.

  23. psychiccarlabaron

    May the psychic force be with you over in support. ;)

  24. a solar explotion came to the earth and shutdown wordpress servers!!! ;))

  25. @hanni -

    You could probably save yourself some typing if you edited the yellow banner message to read something like "Your admin module (Dashboard, Site Stats, etc.) is currently unavailable. We are pushing all of our resources..."

    Unless you're enjoying the opportunity to touch base with all the newcomers! ;-)

  26. "There was a small systems error.", man, the site's totaled, that just ain't small

  27. A bit strange that the forums are working. How come they still have access and a functioning posting option?

  28. accessiblenorth

    Aw nuts, it's all my fault. Babs sent a fabulous photo of the perigee moon rising over Torch Lake and her admirers crashed the system. (Where do I find that evil little grin thingy?!) You go, hanni. I'm gonna go make a nice cup of tea. Anybody else want anything while I'm up?

  29. Oh c'mon guys,'s all just a little patience... (Guns'n'Roses, yeah!!).
    Just let'em work calmly, I'm sure they're doing their best.

  30. so is there a time frame for when this is gonna be over?

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