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504 Gateway Time-out - nginx

  1. Just havin' a cuppa m'self. @accessiblenorth, you ain't missed a thing. I hope you're dunkin' digestives!

  2. superbasketball

    Hmmm, my readers will have to wait for news until tomorrow...damn Matt!! ;-)

  3. @theianfax - he's actually a great guy :)

  4. @kaet - oh noes, please blame me...

  5. For those who might be affraid that your data freezed (e.g. stats), I asure that, while I had acess, during few minutes to dashboard, they where counting, and working. That means you'll not lose anything, I guess. (I hope :)

  6. @mmargarido is right, your data is absolutely fine

  7. @hanni and the guys, you're doing a grand job. Keep up the good work, I'm off to bed - check it out tomorrow.

  8. adrianharveyphotography

    You lot seem to have this problem every week,perhaps you need to get your act together otherwise everyone will move somewhere else,it canĀ“t be that difficult!

  9. OK, we're switching into read only mode temporarily while we get the fixes in place. This won't last long. Thanks for your continuing patience :)

  10. Waiting for 504 to go away, wishing all you wordpress-fixing-ppl a good night, will be back in the morning to check again. G-nite!

  11. Dashboard is back without the stats. Still a little shaky but we're making progress. Thank you.

  12. really annoyed wanted to get a post out before bed as i have school in the morning and now its nearly 11pm next time if your not close to solving the problem dont say you are

  13. really annoyed wanted to get a post out before bed as i have school in the morning and now its nearly 11pm next time if your not close to solving the problem dont say you are

  14. Any word yet when dashboard is going to be up and running again? Been trying to get a few new posts up since 4 pm EST. Would really appreciate any help/timeline about repairs or at least some idea about partial admin functions...


  15. Guess it's back, but have I lost the stats of my self-hosted blog during the "downtime"?

  16. Having my best day ever . Normally average about 250 per day and was up to 680 for the day , then stats lost . Aaaaargh .

  17. I hope my stats come back...

  18. Stats will come back, don't worry, we're almost there.

  19. Thanks for all the updates. Glad to have it back.

  20. Than you for bringing WP back, all you nice staff folks!

  21. Thanks for all your hard work to restore the site!

  22. Thank you very much for your hard work.

  23. We're baaaaaaaaaack! Thank you wordpress angels!

  24. Indeed, dashboards should be back up and running. If you see any lingering issues please try clearing your cache and cookies first.

  25. Stats are definitely not fully back yet: there's still a big gap from the downtime.

  26. Thank you to all that worked so hard to resolve this issue for us. You are greatly appreciated. My site is back to normal.

  27. A handy tool for us users who also use twitter:

    A source of info if is unaccessible due to tech issues.

  28. Wrote an 800-word blog post when WP decided to explode. Site kept telling me that it was regularly saving drafts of my blog post (lies). Tried to save it when I was done and got about 50 '404' messages. Now the site's back up. Checked my draft so I could finally publish it after trying half the afternoon and it only remembered 69 out of my 800~ word post, even though you 'engineers' have repeatedly said that no data was lost. Uh, it was actually. An entire post of mine is down the drain. Thanks a lot. Real great.

  29. atrropos77,
    down on towards the bottom of the post page is a box that should say "Revisions".
    that is where you autosave should be int HTML form.

  30. I can't find any box anywhere that says 'Revisions' or anything like it, either on my Dashboard or on the post itself (what's left of it). Sigh...

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