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504 Gateway Time-out - nginx

  1. No, wonder my self-hosted blog
    stats are gone by 400/500 views

    But happy to see it's back

  2. I looked up page revisions on posts and apparently since the post I was working on that disappeared was only in 'draft' form, there are no revisions. I've looked at one of my published posts and the bare bones of my draft and there is no revision box on the page of my draft. So I guess it is gone for good. That's f'n awesome. Thanks a bunch, WordPress. Half my afternoon down the toilet. Unbelievable.

    Any of you forum 'engineers' wanna chime in and tell me if there is ANY way that I can retrieve my post, or am I just pretty much screwed?

  3. @atropos77 I'm so sorry to hear about the post you lost! If the post data never made it into the system because of the server issues then drafts would not have been autosaved and there wouldn't be any post revisions to recover. If you can't find revisions, then I'm afraid the data may have never made it into the system in a case like this one. So sorry for the trouble!

  4. That's incredible. So anybody who was in the middle of typing a post before having the chance to publish it basically lost all of their work. Either that, or I managed to be the only unlucky one. I can't believe that. I'm going to be writing every successive blog post wondering if WP is just going to crash again and delete everything that I wrote. Or maybe I won't. If I can't trust WP to work properly, I might just move over to Blogger or something. Are there are not backup systems for your users' data??? Unbelievable...

  5. @hanni, @macmanx, @designsimply -

    Thanks to the three of you and everyone else on the team for getting the crash handled yesterday. When I signed up for a blog, I certainly never anticipated this level of feedback and attention to issues from a FREE web host. It's pretty unbelievable, if you ask me.

    Despite your great service, I'm going to keep on drafting my posts in Notepad++ and just pasting them into the editor before I publish, though, because it's great HTML editor (and not bad for XML, C#, VB and quite a few others) and because working off line is just the smart thing to do. I hope y'all won't take offense!

    Thanks again, and let's hope we don't have to have this little party again any time soon.

  6. accessiblenorth

    I came back this morning to tell you I think you did a great job last night. In fact, I think the whole crew did a great job. Thank you.

    The trick is to save your work periodically. The autosave feature is nice, but it doesn't refresh every time you make a keystroke. You have to make sure you save each iteration that's important. WordPress does back up our data. That's why all our published blog posts are still there for anyone who cares to read them. And, yeah, the FREE part--that's pretty good too. There are lots of platforms out there. Maybe a different one would be more suited to your needs.

  7. @ atropos77

    I was composing a blogpost when the outage occurred. My draft was auto-saved as normal as I composed it.

    I don't know how much you know about computers but "stuff happens" from time to time.

    These wordpress guys work hard to keep things ticking smoothly.

    If you dont like WP, go over to blogspot or something.

    Have a nice day :)

  8. So, about 2 hours ago, I made some changes to one of my sights and it went off line. I thought I messed it up, but then I realized all of my wordpress sights are it must be wordpress? Is everything working now? A couple of my sites that I know are down are &

    Any idea???

  9. ok well....they are back up now...disregard.....THANKS!

  10. Just a word of warning to prevent future issues like losing drafts:

    I used to work on a very very crashy system and this is what I did and what you can do if you don't want to compose offline:

    Just before hitting Publish, select everything in the Write box. Copy it. I do Control A, Control C. Then hit Publish. If you lose everything, you can still paste it into a text doc or another post, because it's on your clipboard.

  11. @ raincoaster

    To that I would preface it with "click somewhere within the text of your blogpost first, then do a Control-A & and Control-C. otherwise they might copy html on the editor page unrelated to their blogpost.

    I have done that sort of manual backup when using unstable platforms but in the two years of wordpressing and not doing a manual backup first, I have only lost a blogpost once.

    All in all I find WP is stable, in my experience. A bit annoying at times what with my pingbacks to my own previous blogposts getting auto-moderated and the occasional throwing of a security certificate invalid pop-up and the like.

    I am pleased with blogging at WordPress but I don't want it to go to their heads lol

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