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  1. hi.. i'm new to blogs and i have a question or two. all i have up on my blog is a link to a you tube video and it says i have used up 6% of my 50mb. i'm just wondering; do we get 50mb per day or in total? and does that include whatever space the text takes up? thanks :)

  2. That's weird. Are you sure you didn't upload the YouTube into your WordPress space? That isn't necessary at all, you know.

    We get 50MB in total. Text doesn't count, only uploads like pictures, MP3's, etc. Since I only see the YouTube and one picture on your blog, I don't know why it would show so much has been used. Is the picture file particularly big?

  3. Just to be clear your blog and your images are kept in two separate files. There is no space limitation when it comes to your blog. When it comes to images there is a 50 mgs limit free of charge and then once you reach that you can purchase more space.
    Here's the confirmation
    Please read it and understand that if you do not optimize your images they will take up more space.

    OOPS! I see raincoaster and I were typing at the same time.

  4. well, the picture that the thumbnail is originally from is 774 kb, but wouldn't it just count as the size of the thumbnail? so the you tube video does just count as a link, right? or does it count for the whole video? i put it in like: youtube=http: etc.. (with the []s)- that's a link right?

    eta: thanks, timetheif.. i think i will end up doing that!.. also, i guess i need to learn how to optimize my images. thanks!

    i'm not really good with understanding sizes yet, either, so sorry if i've missed something obvious!

  5. To your thumbnail question the answer is "no". You uploaded the larger size image into the wp uploader and then chose to display the thumbnail option. WordPress is storing the larger size image on their server for you. If you had uploaded a thumbnail size image it would have taken less space but you didn't. And an image is an image is an image in regards to your other question about youtubes.
    I've got to go but raincoaster knows enough about youtubes to write a book so she'll help you. Happy blogging:)

  6. thanks timethief!

    but having a link (and only displaying an image) would still take up less space than having the whole video, right? i was under the impression from raincoaster's post that there is a difference.

  7. haha, i deleted the thumbnail and the you tube video, and now it is up to 8%. i'm so confused..!

  8. I see 0% just now.
    Press ctrl and f5 on Manage > Uploads?

  9. My partner is waiting for me. We are going out. This will be brief.
    (1) Once you upload an image into the wordpress sever whether or not you display it on your blog is irrelevant because it's still in the server even after you delete it from the post. So now you need to delete it from Uploads.
    =>Dashboard => Manage => Uploads (find the image) and delete it.
    (2) Any link to a video doesn't count as image space because the image is stored on another server and not the wordpress server.
    Gotta go. :)
    Here is a thread for a newcomer to keep on hand

  10. Just to confirm, the YouTube doesn't count at all if you put it in that way, the proper way. Actually, if you put it in any other way it won't work.

    Maybe you just need to clear out your cache and refresh to see what Mark is seeing. He's da boss.

  11. The percentage measurement is cached. I deleted some photos for some one here in the forums a few weeeks ago and I noticed that. Took about an hour to update.

    Import files from other blogs appear to be counted against the measurement as well.

  12. thanks everyone. it was uploaded pictures i didn't realize were there.

  13. You're welcome. :)

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