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666 views HELP!

  1. I I’m not a superstitious person but seeing 666 page views creeps me out a wee bit. Take a look at my page and help me sleep easy.

    In other news it looks like most of my page views are going to the disappearing bee thing, the scientology article and the reptilian post. Obviously people like the weird stuff. So if you want to learn about my exploits in space, see Buzz Aldrin punch a guy and get a faux serious speech at the end check out my latest post.

    Your Pal The Last Explorer.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. On my way there now to save you from anything that "slouches toward Bethlehem to be born" as the poet wrote.

  3. LOL, Neil Gaiman has 666 tweeters to follow on twitter. Maybe 666 is a better number than we thought? I'd personally give some vital part of the anatomy (albiet, one I have to of--like a kidney or an eye) to be one of the 666 Mr. Gaiman follows.

    Oh yes, people love weird. Well, this "people" does, anyway.

  4. I'm queen of the typos today: that should say TWO, the number not "to" the preposition.

  5. Don't worry about it CM my blog is fifty percent typos, fifty percent grammatical insanity. It doesn’t help that my space bar is really lazy and works when it feels like it.

    Yep it looks like weird is going to be the theme for a while. I know it’s not about the stats but it’s nice to see them very, very slowly rising.

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