67 year old grandma has 5 questions—help.

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    Be nice to me, please. I am 67 years old, and trying very hard to understand what is intuitive to most of you. I have been reading for 7 days trying to figure this out–my brain hurts!

    I have read the FAQ’s and tried to search the Forums, but have not found the exact answers I am looking for. If I overlooked something, please forgive me.

    1- (General Blog Questions)– Our blog is business centric, regarding China and India (travel, business, economy, etc.). (A)- Is wordpress.com the best host for a business blog or are they mostly for person commentary blogs? (B)- Is “free” wordpress.com hosting the way to go for a business blog? Or is a paid version more suited for our blog?

    2- I think I understand what people are talking about with SEO. Is WordPress automatically SEO, or do I need to do something?

    3- I have read the information on “Widgets” and understand how to place them on the blog…but I still not understand their “Functions”. I think it may be that I am older and do not understand the “lingo” used to describe the functions of the Widgets.
    Could someone put these in “1980’s terminology” for me?
    —Also, if you have suggestions of the Widgets that are best for our blog? — We really like this blog, and would like to emulate it’s Functions/Widgets and layout if we could ( http://www.china-briefing.com/blog/ ). (What Widgets are on that Blog???)

    4- We are having someone create a website for us as well. Do we “link” the Blog to our Website??? Or is this not necessary? I am quite lost on this whole “linking” topic.

    5- If we would like to “customize” the blog template offered on WordPress.com, is there someone that we can pay to do this for us? We might wish to emulate the colors used on our website and add our logo.

    Thank you so very much. I do appreciate any help at all.

    Remember, you will all (hopefully) reach my age and beyond, and you will struggle to understand something like this along the way. Advising me is good karma for your future.

    Thank you!




    nice to meet you!
    may we please have the url of your blog please? :D
    that will help us understand your problems better.

    1. you cannot use your wordpress.com blog to drive traffic to another site for the sole purpose of earning money.

    2. i don’t quite understand your question. seo means search engine optimization. so wp=seo doesn’t quite ring a bell. but um, wp blogs are search-engine friendly. meaning our blogs are well listed in search engines and so surfers have a good chance to find our blogs.

    3, widget is something that you can have ONLY in the side of your blog. different widgets have different purposes. for exemple, the other blog you were referring to uses one that lets a reader subscribe to the blog’s email updates so that s-he can know in her email whenever the blog has new posts – and it is a free service – and you can have it too.

    the blogroll widget is for some links. do you have favourite sites/blogs that you visit often? then putting them in the side of your blog via the blogroll widget (here it is called LINKS widget in the widget list) makes it easy for you to visit them!

    tell us what you want to achieve and we will be able to tell you which widget you need for that and how you can set it up!

    4. it’s not mandatory – do so if you want the blog visitors to go to the website via your blog! linking is nothing necessary – you do it if YOU need to. for example, i have a blog where i write about various online rexources. so it would be quite illogical for me to talk about what a site offers and then not link to them!

    5. to customize the wp blog you need to purchase the css upgrade. and yes, of course you can ask someone to help you out! show her/him your site and i’m sure if s-he is any good, s-he will be able to emulate the look of the site without any problem.

    i don’t know if my terminology was enough 80’s. if you have any other questions, please first give us a link to your blog.

    best of luck and happy blogging auntie m!




    1 (A)- Is wordpress.com the best host for a business blog or are they mostly for person commentary blogs?
    (B)- Is “free” wordpress.com hosting the way to go for a business blog? Or is a paid version more suited for our blog?

    If you wish to conduct business via a blog then IMHO the best wordpress option for you may be http://wordpress.org. By hiring a web host you can download a free blog template and have a blog without any advertising restrictions or restrictions regarding driving business to 3rd party sites as we do here.

    I note that you already have someone building you a website. Well you could have that party download a blog template from http://wordpress.org and place it within that website. Also the blog you wish to emulate could be more closely achieved through the use of the software from http://wordpress.org as the selection of templates is huge and as they can be edited to suit you.

    The information at these links clarifies the differences between the two. https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=3700&page&replies=1

    HTH :)



    Thank you for the information.

    We are not selling anything, just providing information. It does help.

    More about “Widgets”…. I now understand the “blog roll” and what it does. What is the widget called that allows users to Subscribe to the blog?

    There is a widget named Aksimet–I understand that it stops spam on blogs. So, does this mean that if I do not put it on my blog—–I will get spam? So, it is essential, right?

    Thank you.




    All WordPress.com blogs come with Akismet pre-installed, but if you have a blog elsewhere yes, you will get spam and if you have a WordPress.org blog like TT recommended you can install Akismet there as well to catch the spam. Akismet is a program, not a widget strictly speaking.

    Readers can subscribe to your blog via your RSS feed, which is also automatically generated on a WP.com blog.


    auntie m,
    you are most welcome! and i am glad to help.

    the akismet that you see in your blog’s widget list – it’s not like you have to put it in your sidebar for it to work. i don’t have it in mine! some people like to have it cos it shows how many spams akismet caught in your blog. as raincoaster says, we wp.commers are automatically protected by akismet from day 1!

    so, are you staying here at wordpress.com? if so, please do give me the url. i’d sure like to know how you are getting on with your blog!

    all the best!


    Hello sanjidabd,

    We finally agreed on a name and registered it through wordpress.com

    I haven’t done anything with it yet, as I am still learning. I don’t want to make a mistake.
    I will start working on it over the weekend, and hopefully it will come together pretty easily!

    the site is: crazyladytravel.wordpress.com

    So far, I understand most of what you and others have said. And thank you very much for all your help!




    Hi there,
    I’m glad to hear you have registered your blog. Here’s an important link with information for those who are new and just setting up their blog http://faq.wordpress.com/2007/08/16/im-new-to-blogging-where-do-i-start/
    Best wishes for happy blogging. :)


    auntie m,
    i’m so sorry for my delay. i got distracted :(

    i just wanted to say you are most welcome!

    better late than never, no? :D

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