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72 pages in 53 seconds??

  1. I just noticed someone "read" 72 pages of my site in 53 seconds - I've heard of speed reading, but that is ridiculous! Earlier the same ISP and first four segments of the IP address read 84 pages in 1 minute, 33 seconds.

    While the hits boost the stats, I wonder what on earth this means - is it some new way of ripping off content, for example? Has anyone else noticed anything similar?

    I got my information from SiteMeter as far as the details are concerned and yes, while WP stats don't provide that level of detail, they do reflect the figures.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Wow i had the same thing happened to me. Maybe the person was clicking through them maybe?

  3. But why?

  4. I have no clue maybe they spotted somethin interesting?

  5. This is weird. I'm flagging this thread so it gets moved to the Support Forum and Staff take a look at your blog.

  6. That's insane! 0_0

    What's even weirder is that I don't see anything out of place, everything adds up.

    My guess is it's a bot that we haven't identified yet. We do our best to filter bot visits from the stats, otherwise everyone here would record thousands of visits a day.

  7. Thanks TiTi and MacManx.

    I agree - everything did add up - it was only when looking at the SiteMeter stats and seeing the time they were on site that I questioned it and thought I'd raise it in the forums.

    Let me know if you want the IP details etc.

  8. No need for IP details, but please do let us know if it happens again.

  9. so- these aren't genuine hits ;( disappointing- for a moment I thought my blog had been "discovered". ;)

  10. LOL @ TheNewComer - sadly, it does not seem to be that way

  11. MacManx - it is happening again - same IP, 30 views (so far) in 10 seconds.

  12. Actually, it is higher than that - Sitemeter isn't keeping up - WP stats just jumped 70-odd hits

  13. The hits are supposedly coming from - which seems very strange as it seems like a legitimate company - maybe they have been hacked?

  14. I am also getting a bunch from there every day.

  15. That's more than likely. Can you please report it with screenshots to [email redacted] ?

  16. I just emailed 5 pages of the screen shots for today but I think something changed on the WordPress end and they are no longer being counted in my stats. There were almost 100 hits from Qualys today and only 20-some hits in my WP stats.

  17. I'm sending screen shots from Sitemeter now - it has happened again this morning - 43 page views in 23 seconds.

    As far as I can tell it IS included in my stats.

    I've sent two - one from the other day as well.

  18. An update. I logged an incident with the domain in question and received this response:

    Hello Robyn,

    Thank you for contacting Qualys Technical Support. It appears that your site was crawled from a URL from another target domain. We have removed your site from the scan and have now blacklisted your site so that in the future it will not be crawled or scanned.

    If you have any additional questions regarding this case please reply directly to this e-mail, as this will prevent duplicate cases from being created.


  19. Looks like I'm having a similar problem on my blog now. Just started yesterday.

  20. Can I have what you're having?

  21. This is not a good problem to have. How can it be fixed? Do the wordpress admins know to fix this stuff now?

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