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765 pixel horizontal size images limited to 600 pixels?

  1. enterprisecorruption

    any ideas?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can't tell if we can't see the blog. You can temporarily switch to the middle privacy option in Settings > Reading > Site Visibility, or you can at least tell us which theme you're using (also whether you have the Custom Design upgrade or not).

  3. enterprisecorruption

    theme is hemingway by warspire
    custom design upgrade has three days left so it was active

  4. Hemingway automatically constrains oversized images to 600px wide when you select the full-size option, because that's approximately the default maximum width of the single post column (actually it's 607px): you're not supposed to fit a 765px wide image into a 607px wide column, are you?
    Or have you changed the column width via CSS editing?

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