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90% Drop in Site Traffic

  1. @filmreviews12

    I did suspect vacation time as a factor. Most of my views are from the US, Canada, and the UK.

    Mine too and I agree it's definitely a factor.


    If it means I use stock images (eg public domain from Wikimedia Commons), so what? This is what the web is for. It does not dilute the value of my site.

    Hopefully you did will watch this video and witness what Matt Cutts says on that exact topic

  2. @timethief ... I also read the important note and all I said was I hope Google uses cleverer tools than this.

  3. And glad that video says stock images should NOT affect one's rankings!

  4. You can rest assured that they do. The tool is a very crude one and Google's algorithms are very sophisticated.

    Though Matt Cutts says images are currently not a ranking factor for your content, if images ever do become a ranking factor in the future, then I won't be surprised if having unique images won't be an advantage over using stock images.

  5. @timethief the search on bad neighborhood indeed gave a bad result "sex" abuse" drugs" is highlighted.. so I cannot write or source articles of such content?? how do we help the victims then ???this is truly a bad method of classifying and blocking contents.

    Now what is it that I can do ? Stop blogging? would this issue reduce if I convert it to .org or .com?

  6. Today I'm on the way to hitting an all-time low since this thing started. Don't know what importance that has, just thought I'd point it out.

  7. @adz25
    SIGH ... your response is the reason why I usually avoid threads like these like I avoid the plague.

    I included Important Note: re: potential problem areas above. It was so you would use your judgement re: each individual reported link. It was not aimed to make you jump to unfair conclusion re: Google. Please don't do that because it's not justified.

    The bad neighborhood tool is a crude tool. Google has very sophisticated algorithms that can detect if your are a sex or drug spammer or if you are legitimately blogging on those topics.

    this is truly a bad method of classifying and blocking contents.

    This is NOT happening so do not over-react and do not project.

    Moreover, be careful not to quote or comment on the bad neighborhood tool out of context and without the very clear warning posted under the strong>Important Note on that site.

  8. Y'all, if you google "Google problems" for last week you will find your answer. Google apparently had far more widespread and serious problems than they've been reporting, so check your referrer stats and see if your Google searches have more or less vanished. If they have, there's the answer.

  9. @raincoaster
    Thanks for that heads up.

  10. Sorry - but in looking at all the links - I did not see any on the first few pages that seemed to me to do with search results - lots of other problems - maybe one of you could share the link that I can't seem to find


  11. @raincoaster. Thanks, but the numbers collapse for me at least happened around March. Am sure it is to do with Google's changes with image searching.

  12. Okay, then we have some contradictory info. The image search thing affected EVERYONE. This report of a 90% drop is new, or am I misreading?

  13. Can only speak for me ... with me it was about a 70-80% drop, and it was back in March(ish) and has stayed there.

  14. @davidderrick I hope that's the case with me. I'm down to 16 views now from 250/day. Google says everything is fine. I honestly have no clue what the issue is. I am glad I found out about proper tagging and have picked up some new followers, and I don't write for numbers, but it's kind of cool to see people reading.

  15. I think things are improving, or it just might be wishful thinking.

  16. On my end, at least.

  17. stigmatophilia

    My site has lost nearly all google traffic in the last week, down from 60-70 hits a day from google to 8-10, still looking for an answer.

  18. While my traffic down and sharper and earlier than last year (Boating Safety is VERY seasonal) - according to Quantcast my ranking in the U.S. for popularity is better than a few months ago with LESS traffic - granted up 10,000 to 15,000 spots is not a large change down where I am at - but maybe a lot of traffic off in the U.S. ?

  19. my site is dropped by 60 percent and still dropping by 200 visitors a day. my main key word still ranking at number 1 page google, the clicks has been dropped significantly. I know this because I tested with various of computers, including my samsung phone. My trafic has been stable for the past months, even after introducing penguin 2.0, I still can't figure out what has happened. There were no announcement of Google penguin alc. upgrade or so. weird weird, a big lesson that we should never rely on Google. p.s. I don't do backlinks, we write 3 articles per day.

  20. My traffic appears to be improving somewhat. Google Webmaster Tools show the number of impressions appear to be slowly growing back.

  21. stigmatophilia

    It's weird my traffic is back today like nothing ever happened. Must have been a google or WordPress issue, just wish we had, had some answers.

  22. I'm in the exact same boat! I went from about 2-2.5k views a day to about 500-600 :(. I've tried doing a lot of research, checked my webmaster tools, and STILL can't find an answer! If anyone has any tips, please let me know!

    Ps. My views dropped slightly earlier than google's big crash thing.


  23. While it's just beacuse I wrote a review of a movie just released in theaters, my site has hit a record number of hits today.

  24. I have 3 blogs and only 1 of them has experienced this massive traffic reduction and that one is an image rich blog. My content and my images.
    And yes, I guessed it was something to do with google as my searches reduced to almost nothing on August 9th / 10th.
    Other 2 blogs stats and search traffic unaffected.

  25. Could you please be more specific and say WHICH URLs are affected and which are not?

  26. This blog is the one that lost the traffic. (From 40 to 60 views per day to 3 to 5 per day)
    These blogs didn't lose traffic.

  27. I expect SUPPORT from WordPress, not passing the buck... I have written hundreds of articles on WordPress and am a Paid Upgrade member. The Traffic Count is down 70% and there is a Reason, and its not GOOGLE. I have examined this Thread which offers no support whatsoever.

    Apparently WordPress is experiencing these sporadic "outages" and has not given any information as to why this issue apparently continues for some of us. Please Examine the Graphic link below, and get to work on this matter.

    Notice the trend-lines for web traffic. Although I titled this issue traffic down by 50%, now that another week has passed, the traffic is down suddenly by 70%. The dropbox image below shows that August 7,8,9 were the dates when traffic crashed. There has been no changes on the number, frequency, or topic materials, on my postings over the past 4 months...

  28. Again, I'd like to assure everyone that there is nothing wrong with

    Looking at the stats for some of your sites suggests nothing is out of the ordinary. For example, fau4u, I can see that while your August stats are lower than July's, you have already had more visits this month than you did in June, and August isn't even over yet. July was a great month, likely due to a couple successful posts, but that doesn't mean you are losing traffic. In fact, August 2013 is already your second best month since we started collecting stats.

    If the rest of you looked at your stats, you might see similar patterns.

    Although it seems from this thread that everyone is having issues with their site traffic dropping, there are many other users who are seeing traffic increases (but of course they won't be posting here).

    I understand that it can be disappointing to not see growth in site visits every month, it doesn't mean something is "broken".

    As SEO experts will tell you, it's bad practice to compare one month with another - July and August are just not the same. Once you have had a year or two worth of stats, it will be more meaningful to compare, say, August 2013 with August 2014. You might see a natural rise and fall at certain times of the year, which may also correlate with your blog. For example, tech blogs might see spikes right before big announcements; blogs focused on films may see boosts around Oscar time; educational topics, when school starts; and so forth.

    And in the end, the internet can be a harsh mistress, and there isn't always an obvious reason why one month does better than another.

    I'd recommend folks read our tips for improving traffic here:

  29. It just seems so crazy that my website ( would drop so drastically overnight. It's also wierd that it happened on August 9, which is the same day everyone else's website dropped. There has to be something wrong. I'm trying to get to the forums for August 9-10, to see if other people posted about the same problem, but can't get back that far :(

  30. Before you go much farther, you'd best remove ALL those ads and all the affiliate links from your site; any of them can get your blog suspended, which means of course zero hits at all.

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