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90% Drop in Site Traffic

  1. I'm sorry I don't accept, as Jackiedana suggests, that this could be a normal traffic drop. Too many of us have had drastic drops on August 9/10 and this drop has continued for many of us.
    Something has changed somewhere. This is not a normal drop.


    This page says amazon affiliate is okay, and is the only single affiliate program I use.

    The ads are through wordads, through WordPress, and the single sidebar ad is to my other blog.

    @sleepinghorse - I agree with you! Something is not right...

  3. @jackiedana, you have not read my entry here. I had an abrupt 70-80% drop in March, which has continued. I'm not saying it's WP, but you can't pretend it's not happening.

  4. Im sorry to say our HAPPINESS ENGINEER is full of garbage. I am on the faculty of a 30,000 student university in south florida, and I have undergraduates that concoct this BS every day in our tech area.

    I have been offered no SUPPORT, simply a statement that everything is fine and we all don't understand...

    She mentions that although there are MANY in this thread experiencing the similar issues in the 2nd week of Aug, our Happiness Engineer says many are not experiencing these issues, WHICH IS EXACTLY MY POINT. She cannot have it both ways, either everyone has some seasonal issues or few do... There are sporadic issues, and there are some Commonalities, if someone at WP that is really an Engineer would take the time and look at our cases and find the Common elements causing our Traffic issues.

    So far I see that there is NO SUPPORT at WORD-PRESS just a team of BS artists that either refuse to admit to discovered issues, or are incompetent to find out what the issues are. I don't appreciate being "patted on the head" like a Mom does to their 7 year old, and being told that everything is OK...

    Everything is not OK. I have Thousands of hours invested in writing some 379 articles over the last 6 months, where readership was growing by 1000/week, where traffic has been consistently going up over 7 months, presently over 17,000, and suddenly on Aug 7,8,9 its drops 70%. We expect COMPETENT SERVICE, particular as a PAID Premium Member.

    I want my account fully examined, along with the others here citing the same issue, to fine the common issue, and FIX IT, and do it now. JimW

  5. Now that I have had an hour or so to calm down, and having been a systems engineer years ago, I must admit that is a very sophisticated site. Likely one of the most comprehensive available. The statistical presentations that are available, if one drills down, are amazing. Therefore there are Many Competitent folks that have created this site. And I'm sure there are many software systems engineers, that can isolate these issues, to find a solution.

    My frustation is with this public forum in dealing with these issues. I have read ALL the threads relating to this topic, and there simply no systems suggestions offered by the moderators whatsoever, only fluff, discussing the problem, very short on recognition that these issues exist.

    If WordPress would elevate this traffic issue to their software technical staff, they surely can determine what issues are common to this group, for a solution.

    I have yet to hear from anyone, that can offer the technical matters at hand. If one looks at the 2 graphics that I produced several days ago, something happened, and its not seasonality, because thousands of other bloggers would have this characteristics. One of the moderators mentioned that many are not experiencing these issues.

    So one may deduce that this traffic issue is not a global issue, but there apparently are "glitches" occuring to many of us, not weather related. Please advise. Jim.Wilson FAU4U.

  6. There are at least two issues - are the stats accurate, Quantcast should be built into your site, but sometimes it needs to be enabled. And if the stats are accurate then why is traffic down? part of that you should be able to research yourself by looking at your referrals - did another site drop you? Did Google down grade your site? do you have less new content?

    Google for instance is a large source of my traffic, they made some changes that helped a few times and a few times the changes hurt my traffic, sadly there is no referrals from search engines graph line here

  7. On the dates advised when the drop happened and from then on, my google search referrals dropped.
    I have just gone back to 3 average / random days pre drop and I had search referrals of 34, 24, 18 and post drop 3 days of 4, 2 and 1 search referral.
    No other site would not have dropped me as no other site " had me" to drop.
    I doubt google would downgrade my site but I have no idea how I would check. Can someone advise me on how? I don't even understand why google would downgrade a site?
    And I didn't have less new content. It is all about the google search referrals disappearing.

  8. I was looking for the same problem which people have discussed here and though I should add my two words.

    My website does not belong to WordPress. It is hosted on blogger service. Since, August 9, I am seeing weird drop in my website traffic, On August 9, traffic dropped fairly but then it recovered back the next day. On August 14, traffic massively dropped by 50 %. My website is not new but its domain is. After changing the domain, traffic graph was just going upward and within past 3 or 4 months, total traffic got multiplied by 15. I was just observing persistent increase in traffic and then this happened.

    People who claims that the drop in traffic is due to vacations thingy etc are entirely wrong. I have observed that my web posts which used to appear on first page of search results now either do not appear at all or appear on 10th or lower pages of search results. I can not say for sure whether Google panda or penguin has hit my website or what else has happened. But this is really worth knowing that Google has not disclosed anything about recent algorithm changes nor there are any changes in Google pagerank. In fact, Google pagerank has not been updated for months.

  9. holleewoodhair good to see that you got rid of the big YOUR AD HERE ad in the sidebar, but that's still too many affiliate links.

  10. sathyasaimemories

    Yes, me too, the drop in traffic and especially in searches was first noticed in June this year. I continue to post but lost heart about a month ago.. My blog dropped so low in view, the site is almost dead.. I am trying to save it but, alas, I do not feel I can.. The searches and traffic have just disappeared. I am really sad about this.. It was a lively blog for about 4 years.. Nothing special just a spiritual blog that people had enjoyed more like a daily read... lol - I used to have around 60-70 searches a day last year but this year lower than 10 at the moment.. Most of those I cannot see. Very best eve

  11. To sathyasaimemories and others,

    If you don't have Google Webmaster Tools (and Bing) added to, and verified, on your sites, that would be a good place to start.

    If you do, you might want to log in and see what kind of data you can pull from that. You might have done something inadvertently on your site that caused a reduced ranking or loss of referrers in Google.

    For help adding these to your site, see:

    For help evaluating your data from Google directly, go to:

    Keep in mind that SEO is an imprecise and often frustrating process and unless you really study your data and actively work on keyword research and other elements of your SEO, it can be hard to know why your site isn't performing optimally.

  12. There are many suggestions in the forum for building traffic and Timethief's site has many good ideas also:

    @sathyasaimemories - I looked at your site - you use a lot of quotes, I doubt you are the only one to use those quotes, maybe Google downgraded you for content that will be on other sites - just a guess on my part - not sure what to suggest - many sites like yours do use quotes, it is just the way inspirational blogs work

  13. For those interested in the recently reported August Traffic Depression, below is a graphic that showns August 1-29, 2013. The First 5 days where showning the steady traffic growth experienced for the prior 20 weeks. On August 6th the traffic headded down and stabilized at about 70% below average traffic. On August 25 this condition reversed with traffic showing daily growth.

    Hopefully, this Traffic Event is over; however, totally unexplained, and outdside of my activity or control. My writings have been consistent in quanity and content over the last 30 week period. Other than issuing a Support Notice on about Aug 24th, onto this WordPress page, nothing has changed on my end...

  14. sathyasaimemories

    thanks to admin. for suggestion. We, my husband and I, will look at the google link you suggest.. I doubt feel that I have changed anything but no harm in taking a look. My blog is inspirational and thus I do use quotes but not common ones. I make sure I do not use material that can be found on the internet in general.. I have never in 4 years had a problem before and find it hard to believe that suddenly an inspirational blog is of no value! I see cooking blogs out there that seem to be offering very similar kinds of food/menus/etc.. so doubt "prose" would be of any less interest. But thanks to you all for offering your ideas...

  15. sathyasaimemories

    My husband also has a blog, "Life In The IT Fast Lane," now this blog is a very different type of blog than mine.. His blog too, has dropped about 50 per cent in traffic this summer.


  16. @sathyasaimemories - please also see an answer I left for you in the other thread

  17. @sathyasaimemories
    I blog full of quotes is full of duplicate content. See here for what Google states about duplicated content and know that the Google Penguin algorithm can detect duplicate content.

  18. sathyasaimemories

    How did they take so long to detect quotes in my blog? I created the blog in 2009!

    Re: Admin. google link.

    Yes, thank you for the link, my husband, an IT expert is studying it right now... We have found out already that deleting posts and I have been deleting posts, creates problems for google. Also he has found 3-4 other problems that are severe. I am lucky to have someone to sort out my problems. It will take a while to get my blog going again.. Will let you know if it does... quotes and all..

  19. Google and other search engines change how they rank sites on a near continuous basis - the changes seem to hurt your site recently

    last year they did something to bring one of my two year old Posts to the top for some searches and gave me a boost for that Post - other changes have not been so good for my site

  20. @sathyasaimemories
    The Google algorithm changes re: duplicate content have been ongoing since 2009. Google recognizes that most duplicate content is not created to be deceptive. There are of course exceptions, which are considered spam.

    I'm a self employed researcher and writer and tracking through Google search results containing pages of duplicated content was and is a useless waste of my valuable time. Google finally listened to the millions using their search utility and now duplicated content gets hurled to the back pages of the SERPs where the sun don't shine. Alleluia! Those who are searching want the links to the original content ate the top of Google SERPS (search page results), not the copycat duplicates.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Deleting blog content does not remove it from the SERPs (search engine page results). Google and Bing only clear their caches of deleted indexed content that produces a 404 (page not found) every 3 - 6 months.

  21. @sathyasaimemories
    If you want your content to rank well in Google then start creating unique content that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet and be sure that over 65% of every post's content regardless of format (text, audio, video, images) is original, not duplicated.

  22. sathyasaimemories

    We are sorting the problem ourselves..Deleting post is a problem for google, as we have found out tonight. My husband is working hard to put the blog right again by doing the necessary work suggested by google .. (Must say, there are other problems that need sorting.) All of which are technical... and nothing to do with my blog topics... I am tired and not in any way wanting to continue with the conversation. thanks again...

  23. @sathyasaimemories
    Best wishes for a happy ending.

  24. TIMETHIEF. Thank you for your pointers regarding duplicate material. Occasionally I like to go back over Articles that have been written 90 days ago or longer, where some of the text is updated, changed, to some extent.

    Question, in doing so does this then place the updated article in the back of the line in search results...?

    Jim.Wilson, FAU4U, Boca Raton, FL.
    Adjunct Faculty, FAU.

    If you want your content to rank well in Google then start creating unique content that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet and be sure that over 65% of every post's content regardless of format (text, audio, video, images) is original, not duplicated.

  25. @TT & @RC are the masters at SEO - but

    go back over Articles that have been written 90 days ago or longer, where some of the text is updated, changed, to some extent.

    Question, in doing so does this then place the updated article in the back of the line in search results...?

    Editing an article should not hurt anything, I edit articles for instance when I find an error in them or a link has changed - just part of the natural good practices keeping your site accurate and proving good stuff for your readers. Other times I will write an article the supersedes and older article - I will not delete the older article but I will put a note and a link at the top of the old article that there is a new updated and better article available here

  26. Let's put it this way: there is no possibility whatsoever that editing a post like that will HELP its search engine rankings. If the change is substantial, you're better off SEO-wise making a new post which links to the old one saying "I've found some more info about THIS and ..." etc.

  27. @RC - I fine tune my writing from time to time - usually only a few words, clear up some confusion on a how to do something, other times I have added up to maybe two or three sentences of new material to a Post -

    Would that hurt much if any?

    I did update one Post a bunch (your suggestion on what to do) (and the new Post is better to read and does search better) but I wrote a whole new Post, then referenced the new Post at the old Post - but both have a link to the same printer friendly PDF page

    I do have one Page that was an index of sorts that I have gotten behind on adding new Posts to it - it was on the top menu - so to stop from confusing people I just took it out of the menu but left it up so there would not be a 404 error - you can get to it but you need a direct link - did not want to have the page not found problem like I did when I moved here from a .ORG install that had used the default permalinks for a while - how I got something like 700+ 404 errors with Google on a site with only 100 articles on it I will never understand - took over 18 months for the errors to sort of go away - sucked actually


  28. hello
    i am also facing traffic drop down on my blog please help me there were 500 visitors per day but now only 10 20 please reply as soon as possible

    my blog is

  29. sathyasaimemories

    Hi to all again, :)

    When my searches began to drop in June/July, I shut my blog down. My husband told me to re-open the blog and with the help of google webmaster, he technically repaired my blog. It was a mess.. I had deleted many posts but had not deleted the tags.. (A no, no for google). I also had many posts that google did not like, he also repaired those posts too. I have deleted more posts this week, including the tags associated with them. People are only beginning to find the blog again. Although I might add that this is a small blog and I am NOT looking for numbers.. I only want to be seen by those people interested in my subject matter. Because I had closed my blog down, only "die hards" readers are finding me at the moment, but we are in google and we satisfy their Panda requirements... thanks so much...

  30. My traffic's dropping again... now back down to the low it was at before after returning to normal.

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