99 USD twice?

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    Hi! I have already paid 99 USD once and now it wants me to do it again? I have careofewards.wordpress.com and I want to use careofewards.com. Was it a mistake to pay the 99 USD in the first place?

    The blog I need help with is careofewards.wordpress.com.


    When was the first time? How long ago?

    Does it show in your Dashboard >> Store >> Billing History?



    It was 30 minutes ago. No, nothing shows on my billing history.

    How do I make a total refund? It says I should get in contact with the support wich seems hard…


    Sounds like it didn’t go through.

    Not much Staff around on weekends, so it may be tomorrow.


    I’ll flag this for staff to look at, as only they can help on an issue like this. As notawoodpecker says, you’ll probably have to wait til after the weekend.


    @notawoodpecker – if something needs staff to look at it, it’s helpful to put a modlook tag in the tag field in the right.



    @vivecaewards: hi there, I don’t see any transactions associated with your vivecaewards account, so it looks like no charge went through. The domain careofewards.com is still available, so if you want it, you can register it under Store > Domains, enter the domain into “Add a Domain” box and follow the prompts to complete the purchase.

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