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    Hello! Before all congratulations on all improvements you’re doing to wordpress in the last months, really a great job all the team is doing…

    This is not really a question, but more a suggestion (because i din’t find any place to put it) so here it is:

    In my blog, i upload a lot of images, to redirect to other sites, but what i really what is to open in a new tab… But because there are no option to do it, every time i upload the picture, i have to go to the HTML, and add the “_blank” command in the photo, it would be so much easier to have a box “Open link/image in a new Tab” just like you have when you’re creating hyperlinks!

    As i said, this is more of a sugestion, that i think it’s pretty easy to update, but would made so many things faster!

    ehehe, once again thank you and congratulations, really hope you consider my suggestion!

    André Filipe
    Blog url: http://steelsmashbmx.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is steelsmash.com.



    To be precise, there is such an option, but strangely it shows up only after inserting the image: you have to click on the image in the Visual editor, click the edit icon then click Advanced Settings.


    never really saw that (thank you), but cmon, thats a long road for a person that needs to post many photos per day or per post!

    A thick box with that option when uploading the image directly would be so much easier and fast!




    In case there was a misunderstanding: my reply was given as a clarification only, not in order to dismiss your suggestion (with which I agree).


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    Great idea! Moved to the Ideas Forum and we will hope that someone will take notice!!!

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