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A 26-year-old's quest for financial security - blog

  1. Just thought I'd throw this one out there for anyone interested in following the progress of a guy in his 20's who's looking to go from "living paycheck by paycheck in his parents' house" to comfortably affording his own place, developing a plan for retirement, and making other comments on his financial situation and future.

    It was the recent start of a relationship that made me realize what an embarrassing situation I'm in and want to get my ass in gear financially instead of just creeping by like I've been doing since I graduated from college. Read post 2 for all the entertaining details on this.

    This will be a long-term blog updated regularly with regular short-term and long-term goals, details, anecdotes, and results.

    The first big goal: getting myself into a place financially where I can comfortably afford moving out of my parents' house and into my own apartment.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. theintentionalsage

    I don't know if you've heard of Timothy Ferris, but I got the feeling to send his name your way. You can check out his website here:

    He's written a rather poignant book for people in similar situations to that of your own. I think you may find it quite delightful.

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  3. If you have debt then first step is to work savagely to clear it,
    money spent on paying interest is money completely and utterly wasted.

    You have a job.. excellent.. now make a realistic budget of your NEEDS
    (not "wants" and see what's left over... if you are SERIOUS about
    your financial future then make a plan from there.

    I started with a tempory job in a new country and at one stage
    had &25 to my name after paying my month's bills
    ( btw NOT bad planning or over spend, I was cheated out of money owed for work by an employment agency)
    Today, 15 years later I have a great job and own 3 properties.

    Rule of thumb, always live INSIDE your means and have a nest egg, even when I earned a pittence I set a tiny amount aside each pay, it adds up!

    Of course there's more to do, but these points are a simple start.

    Good on you for thinking about the future years...
    I'll stay tuned to see your progress. :)

    know WHAT you spend your money on...

  4. Thanks for the advice and link, guys. At the moment, the only real non-necessity I have is my motorcycle and it just provides me with way too much happiness in my life for me to sell it. My interest rate is only 3% and it's a fairly small loan. If I was in a really bad spot with crazy credit card debt, etc, I'd have no problem getting rid of it to get my finances in order. I know I could sell it for a few thousand dollars to get rid of that small loan, but I'm definitely not living outside my means and since I should have it completely paid off over the winter, I'm willing to deal with a few months of 3% interest on it until it is paid off. Then my only debt it my student loan, which is what all of my extra money will be going towards once the motorcycle is paid off. My next post will be laying out some of my short-term goals, including getting the motorcycle paid off first thing!

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