A begginer’s question – what can you do with CSS Customization?

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    Hi everybody.
    I understood that by purchasing the CSS Customization upgrade you can change colors, fonts, backgrounds and so on, in your theme, but wasn’t sure if you can change other things as well.
    [I’m using the Hemingway theme].
    So here are some things I want to change, for example –
    * The footer below the posts when they’re shown on the home-page. [Edit the text and the links there].
    * The “about this entry” box at the side of every post. [Replace it completely with something else, a map of the site, for instance].
    * The comments form. [Remove some of the blanks, or add a pop-up with a short explanation for each of them].
    * The archive list. [Edit the text and the links that are attached to each post in the list].

    I’m not asking how can I do all these things – Only asking IF I can do them.
    – Is it possible to edit and change things like this using the CSS Customization?
    I’m asking so that to decide if I want to buy the upgrade or not.

    Thanks ahead,




    That was the short answer to the question: can I do all these things with the CSS upgrade?

    Longer, more detailed answers addressing each specific point may or may not follow.

    I’ll just add that the things you want to do, although reasonable, are mostly not the sort of things that CSS is intended to do. CSS isn’t intended to change the content (e.g., the words that are displayed), but rather the style (e.g., the font used for the words).


    Oh, good to know.

    Is there any other way, any feature, any upgrade – which will allow me to do things of this sort on my wordpress.com blog?



    I can’ locate the URL for the blog in question starting with http://

    Andrew’s “no” is indeed the short answer to your questions. However, I will expand just a little.

    All you can do with a CSS editing upgrade is make some changes to styling ie. appearance. You cannot use CSS editing to change the function of the blog. You cannot edit the template underlying the theme. CSS is theme specific, so you cannot use the CSS from other themes with the themes here at wordpress.COM.

    As there is no official support for the CSS upgrade, and precious little Volunteer support for learning CSS on the forum, I do recommend that any member purchase the the upgrade unless you have at least moderate understanding of both HTML and CSS and how to use them in concert, while working independently.




    OOPs! Sorry. I messed a word above. I meant to type “I do NOT recommend … “

    Is there any other way, any feature, any upgrade – which will allow me to do things of this sort on my wordpress.com blog?

    Please read > http://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/ and http://en.support.wordpress.com/code/

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