A bit confusion here with the new blog.

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    I was bored of my old blog as it only contained pictionary material and i wanna create a new blog that contain some sort of information about technology.
    so i create a blog iphonists
    when i published a few posts i noticed that the author name refers to my old blog
    how can i change it?
    2 How can i log in to my new blog without loging to old one?

    The blog I need help with is iphonists.wordpress.com.



    Clicking on the author name next to the date brings me to http://iphonists.wordpress.com/author/itspak/

    Where are you seeing that it refers to your other blog?

    If you have more than one blog on WordPress.com, in the right side of the Admin bar above, you’ll see your name. Hovering over it will open a dropdown menu which should include your visible sites.



    In short I should have say
    “how can i change the author name in a way that it should not disturb author name in my old blog and to post comments using my new blog”



    Basically, you want two usernames?



    Yes i need two usernames.



    If so, you’ll have to sign up with a second email account and username.

    If I understand the process correctly, at that point you can do one of two things:
    1. you can transfer the new site from your current username to the new username if you want the sites/usernames to be completely separate or
    2. Invite your new username as an Editor or Admin on the new site. The new site will still show up in the Admin bar under your current username, but when you want to post to the new site, you should be able to switch the Author name in the Author Module on the Post Edit page to the one you want to appear on the new site.

    If this isn’t urgent, it might be worthwhile holding off for a few days as it seems that there might again be some work being done behind the scenes by Staff on user roles.

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