A black bar appears at bottom of page and blocks link to earlier posts

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    As I scroll down through recent posts, a black bar stating that I am using Coraline appears at the bottom of the page and blocks further scrolling, as well as covering the “previous posts” arrow and link. This began about 10 days ago. I am surprised and a bit alarmed to see we no longer have any real support assistance, I am not a particularly sophisticated blogger and don’t want to experiment and make things worse. Thanks for any “Help For Dummies” on this.

    The blog I need help with is artandhistory.wordpress.com.


    Please always provide a link to the site you are talking about or link your username to your site.

    Coraline has infinite scrolling which means that when someone gets to the bottom of the blog posts page, the system automatically loads another 7 posts and will continue doing that over and over and over till all of your posts are shown on the main page of the blog.

    With infinite scrolling, there are no previous and next posts links at the bottom of the page, so nothing is hidden behind the black footer bar.



    @thesacredpath: artandhistory.wordpress.com

    The infinite scrolling has definitely become neither infinite nor scrolling, and the black bar is something new. How do I continue on to the next page as in the past?

    @timethief: I’ll look into options there.

    Thank you both for such speedy suggestions.


    Your site has infinite scrolling. It shows 7 posts when you first visit. When you get to the bottom of the first 7, 7 more load and when you scroll to the bottom of that additional 7, 7 more posts load. The black bar does not appear until you scroll to the bottom of the first 7 on a fresh load of the page.

    There is no older/newer previous/next link on Coraline anymore because with infinite scrolling, it is all automatic. It will keep loading posts, 7 at a time, till it has loaded ALL of your posts.

    See for yourself by simply continuing to scroll down and down and down and when it all stops scrolling, you will see the very first post that you ever wrote.


    @timethief: A fine link. By closing footer widget I am now able to scroll to bottom of page where I can once again load earlier posts. I put the search box at top of widgets and I’m pretty much back in business. Glad to know you are there.

    @thesacredpath: Thanks for your second message. For whatever reason that bar blocked scrolling when it appeared. Now that I’ve removed it I can get beyond the first page.

    Much appreciation to you both.

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