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A blog about ROBOTS

  1. hey there guys! i just thought i'd stop by to share my almost new blog with you guys. i started it in march, but took a long break due to things happening in life. recently i decided to start blogging again, and would be grateful for any visitors who may like to stop by!

    the main theme of my blog is science fiction and robots in particular. i've been a massive sci-fi fan for a number of years, both on screen and through reading books. i'm in the middle of finishing an english literature degree, so want somewhere to practise my casual writing as well as taking a break from writing about shakespeare and such every day. it's mainly short pieces, the odd book review, pictures of robots, robot of the day, reviews of sci-fi shows i've been watching recently and other assorted miscellany.

    if any of this might interest you, then please do take a look, as well as suggesting any improvements you think i could make. all comments gratefully received :)

    thanks, ted!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. just thought i would provide an update. the blog is still going strong, with my friend compiling a mega-mix of songs about robots! if you're into robots, or music, or sci-fi generally, then go check it out :)

    1. Kraftwerk – Die Roboter
    2. Princess Superstar – Do It Like A Robot
    3. Disrupt – Robot Tracker
    4. The Juan Maclean – I Robot
    5. Senor Coconut – The Robots
    6. The Prodigy – Android
    7. Jesper Dehlbeck – Robot Dance
    8. Ten Benson – Robot Tourist
    9. Add N To X – Robot New York
    10. Man Or Astroman - Cyborg Control
    11. Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
    12. FC Kahuna – Machine Says Yes
    13. Hawkwind – Spirit Of The Age
    14. Crawling Chaos – Sex Machine
    15. Techno Animal – Cyborg Dread
    16. Balanescu Quartet – Robots

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