A blog appeared in "My blogs" Thats IS NOT MINE ?!

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    i try to delete it but it says i must log in to it ? … can someone delete it please ?

    its katiehopkins . me I dont want to click it due to possible viruses etc

    The blog I need help with is puddymuddleart.wordpress.com.



    I’ll tag this thread for Staff to remove it. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.


    Thank you very much (im still relatively new to this stuff and have no idea how to use many of the tools ) :)



    Not to worry as Staff will work their way forward through threads tagged for help and assist you when they get to this one.


    okay cool thank you very much :)



    Hi there!

    Someone may have inadvertently connected their WordPress.org blog to your WordPress.com via Jetpack. Did you by any chance access your WordPress.com account in a public computer and left it logged in? Going forward, I have deleted the blog from your account and you should be good to go. Thanks and best regards!


    yeah i seem to remember seeing a Deactivate jetpack thing it didnt work though haha .. but nope no public computer usage … but thank you very much for getting rid of them :) … out of curiosity , could they have been accessing my blog ?



    If you left your account logged in, there’s always that chance that someone else could access it. For peace of mind, please change your password:


    or add two-step authentication to your account for added security:




    hey errrm … its still there / came back again ?



    That’s strange. I removed the blog from your account again. Let me know if it comes back. Thanks!

    Andrew D.

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