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  1. coffeezombiephotog

    In which I dig up an image from my archives: Murderous Twins

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I absolutely loved your blog. It was very informative and interesting! Please visit my photography posts if you get a chance. I just started doing photography as a hobby, guess I need to get out the big giant camera and stop using the iPhone? Right?

    I have yet to see such artistic photography, than on your blog. You should be making money doing photography! Your photos should be in a museum!



  3. coffeezombiephotog

  4. Nice blog - I liked your portrait post :-)

  5. coffeezombiephotog

  6. @ coffeezombie
    Loved this blog. Would you mind posting some more of your photography? Love to see some more photos! Did you see the new pics of my Lillies that just bloomed?

  7. coffeezombiephotog

    @liz - I try to post only 2x a week; am experimenting with marketing aspect of blogging - the experts say it's better to post less often. It's easier to keep up with a blog if they post 1-3x a week, as opposed to daily.

    I just looked - love lilies. My fave are stargazers, probably because they usually bloom around my birthday. Keep on shooting!

  8. coffeezombiephotog

    What's your photography weakness that you'd like to improve? Let me know!

  9. coffeezombiephotog

    Want to practice portraits, but not sure how to get started? Here's a gear list for you:

  10. coffeezombiephotog

  11. coffeezombiephotog

    Want to know what it takes to develop film at home? It's easier than you'd think!

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