A blog I follow is suddenly deleted, but still produces new posts

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    One of the blogs I follow – kamikazi warrior – emailed to me its latest post this morning. But when I clicked on its url, I got a page “this blog has been deleted” – with a lot of vacancy signs/windows.
    This happened two or three times in the last 4 months, with other blogs I follow. By chance I discovered that at least one of them – jesuswedding – is very much alive and kicking; so I re-followed it, and she follows mine. If I try to access it from my reader, it still says it is deleted.
    This seems to happen with blogs in which we follow each other. In the case of kamikazi warrior, I think our mutual comments/likes have gone also. However, the daily digest arrived this morning in my email – I cannot open it.
    I read in the forum that if a blogger has to do a block for some reason, this block may affect other readers also.
    Thank you very much, wp community, for your help and support, and the marvellous tools you provide. With warmest new year wishes, Jane

    The blog I need help with is janeadamsart.wordpress.com.



    Hallo, dear Happiness engineer – I received no reply to this, perhaps due to the season, but I am concerned – can you help, please?



    Hi Jane,

    I’m glad to take a closer look with you.

    I logged into your account, and I see your blogs you follow here:

    I double checked Kamikazi Warrior in our system, and this actually was deleted. I checked http://jesusweddingthebook.wordpress.com/ and that is definitely active. What I see says that you subscribed 2 weeks 6 days ago, so it looks like it logged your re-subscribe action.

    Do you have any other blogs you’re curious about? Once a particular blog is deleted – kamikazi warrior in this example, you won’t be able to access the blog any more, and any actions undertaken involving the blog would also get nulled (so if the user initiated something as the blog user, nullifying the blog nullifies that action – if that helps?)

    I was able to click through to the jesusweddingthebook.wordpress.com from your Reader, so could you clear your cache and try that again? Here is more information about how to do that:

    Let me know if that helps you. I’m not sure what would have initiated the original issue, however.



    Hello Zandyring, thanks so much for your time and trouble. Yes a great help. I have taken a quick look:

    1)Under “my followers” on the stats page, the jesuswedding url opens to “the authors have deleted this blog”. However, the gravatar opens both her blogs alright. She started following 5 months ago. She told me she made no changes. I only found she was still active when I spotted her gravatar on another blog – that is when I re-Followed.

    2)Another blog I wondered about – because we were in friendly correspondence – Wondrous Dharma is still apparently following but is now marked Private and does not permit my access on request. This had happened to another blogger too, and might just be WD’s own business.

    3)Blogs I Follow won’t upload from the dashboard – or is very delayed. The Reader link there, doesn’t work well.

    4) I can however,access Blogs I Follow from the reader on the Stats page.

    5) COOKIES – I cleared my cookies yesterday – before your note – and then had much difficulty to log in again. My old password was not recognised, and nor were any new ones accepted. At last after several hours away, I came back and logged in successfully. I’m a bit leery now of cookie clearing! Why the difficulty do you think? It may be, because I had asked my safari preferences to block all third parties, when I undid this, the problem got fixed. I shall look at your link again.

    I had cleared the cookies because wp was blocking me temporarily from commenting or replying to comments, even on my own blog – asking for my email etc.

    Hope you don’t mind my raising these issues, I guess it is all feedback to smooth running, generally. Many thanks!



    Hi Jane,

    I logged in as you again and checked the Jesus Wedding blog, and I was able to access the blog without any error. Did you check this before or after you cleared your cache? I’m not sure what could cause your follow to “stop” with that blog – please keep an eye on it and let me know if it happens again. Let me know before you re-follow, and we’ll have more success pinning down what happened.

    I do see that wondrousdharma.wordpress.com has switched from public to private. The blog user would have to review and approve your request – it’s not automatic to your asking (there could be a delay, in other words, but it is ultimately that user’s choice).

    The new Reader dashboard has been undergoing some tweaks the past week. You should not have a delayed experience any longer, but let me know if that’s not the case!

    Cookies sure are tricky :) They will delete your saved up tidbits (passwords, etc.) so that your computer won’t autofill them anymore. So if I were to clear my cookies right now, and then tried to log into WordPress.com, I’d probably experience an issue very like what you describe. You’re better off waiting a few minutes – or just clear your cookies at the end of the day, if you choose to do so.

    I very much appreciate you bringing me your comments and feedback! Please feel free to do so.



    Thank you zandyring for your trouble and time. All goes well here, and I hope that after the next cookie clearout I shall log in again smoothly! I will take your tip and do it end of the day.



    Terrific :)

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