A blog I follow is suddenly deleted, but still produces new posts

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    One of the blogs I follow – kamikazi warrior – emailed to me its latest post this morning. But when I clicked on its url, I got a page “this blog has been deleted” – with a lot of vacancy signs/windows.
    This happened two or three times in the last 4 months, with other blogs I follow. By chance I discovered that at least one of them – jesuswedding – is very much alive and kicking; so I re-followed it, and she follows mine. If I try to access it from my reader, it still says it is deleted.
    This seems to happen with blogs in which we follow each other. In the case of kamikazi warrior, I think our mutual comments/likes have gone also. However, the daily digest arrived this morning in my email – I cannot open it.
    I read in the forum that if a blogger has to do a block for some reason, this block may affect other readers also.
    Thank you very much, wp community, for your help and support, and the marvellous tools you provide. With warmest new year wishes, Jane

    The blog I need help with is janeadamsart.wordpress.com.

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