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A blog that requires "audience participation"

  1. Hi there,

    So this is my very first blog thing. I'm still sort of getting the hang of it all. At this point it's sort of a bare bones version of what I want right now since I have a lot on my plate (Working a ton, have a bunch of projects that need finishing, my wife and I are moving into our first house soon (yay!), etc... ). But any advice, suggestions, criticisms, or feedback of any kind would be greatly appreciated.

    I just had a couple questions and need some advice. How do you guy suggest I help get the word out. I think that's my biggest concern, since the whole concept is for others to contribute as well. What works for you? What are things that I should avoid?

    Okay, I guess that's just one question.

    Anyway, if you would be so kind to check it out and let me know what you think of the whole thing. Also feel free to contribute! Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oh yeah ...

    Almost forgot!

  3. There are tons of ways you can build your blog. You can sign up for other blogging communities (just google it), you can interact with other bloggers, you can post on facebook/twitter, you can post on social media directory sites squidoo, technowahtever, get active in other forums.

    I think wordpress has a button to help you build your site, too.

  4. What button? o.o

  5. plasticdaffodils

    I think you have a neat idea for a blog, but I also think it will take a long while to build up the kind of participation you want, so make sure you are out hunting down stories yourself (try checking out tags to search for blogs that might already have stories and you can ask their permission to post the story or reblog it). You might also need to open up your niche to summer or vacation stories too, but you can see how the response rate goes for this first. Good luck!

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