A blog tree starting with 1 homepage possible?

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    Hi there,
    I recently was advised to go and try the WordPress features for what I had in mind.

    Basically I wish to write blogs in three languages, all starting from 1 homepage. Reading the info WordPress offers I am to believe this should be possible, but I have difficulty with certain settings and can’t find any specific support on the support pages.
    I can get a basic tree, which goes like this:
    – Blog English
    — English Posts
    – Blog German
    — German posts
    – Blog Dutch
    — Dutch posts

    What I see everywhere is my last posts, while I would like to see my last ENGLISH post on my blog English page, last German post on the blog German and obviously my Dutch posts on the blog Dutch page. On my Homepage the last post can be whichever was the last post, in whatever language.
    Other questions:

    Currently the option to leave a comment is open on my Homepage and my language specific sub-Homepages. I would like to have the option to comment per post, not so much on my (sub)homepages.

    I wished to setup a quick blog, but it seems what I have in my is not that simple to realize. I do understand that is IS simple to start a simple blog. So can my wishes be realized? Is there a more in-depth tutorial on building a site on wordpress? The tutorials available are not really helpful and rather simple.


    The blog I need help with is freehansje.wordpress.com.



    Is this the site you’re talking about:




    Yes it is.
    Maybe I should add that I wish to add for each language a subject tree with 3 or 4 branches.
    I can ,make this easily with Frontpage or another Website builder. I just don’t wish to go and build it myself, but maybe I have to.



    1) Post editor > Categories module: assign “English” or “Dutch” or “German” as a post category, update.
    Appearance > Menus: create a custom header menu, add Home and About, add the post categories, save it, select it from the Theme Locations pulldown, save.

    2) Page editor > Discussion module: uncheck “Allow comments” and “Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page”, update.



    Tnx a lot! This is really helpful, I’m figuring things out and getting where I want to be.
    Tnx again.



    @panaghiotisadam good solution that, i think, i was thinking that maybe this was a case for self hosted wordpress mu…

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