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    My name is Matthew and this is my first post. However, I looked through wp.com help, FAQ and sticked forum topics thoroughly before writing it so I hope it’s legit enough. Cut to the chase…

    Considering I want my blog to be multilingual – let’s say English and Polish. I write everything in those two languages. Then someone goes to my blog, choose a language and all texts are automatically limited to those in chosen language (including posts titles, pages and categories names, even that phrase which might be set in options to appear over the image header) so one only sees what one understands.

    Well, it doesn’t work this way. Instead, I need to publish every post and page separately and those appear on my blog as two posts or two pages and when someone visits both are visible. It’s chaotic with two languages since everything is doubled. What if I wish to add third language, let’s say Spanish? I’ll triple every post and page.

    Any solution? I’ve found two similar topics, both closed and both claiming it is the way it meant to be. I disagree and strongly believe the former description is the rightful since language, in my opinion, should be an option and not an addition. That’s why I think “you can always add posts in other languages” isn’t an answer. I know I have to translate it myself and I am willing to do this gladly but I don’t want everything to appear as many times as many translations I made.

    Any ideas on how to achieve this? Or any information if this feature will appear?

    At the end, sorry for my English. I tend to use tenses intuitively which doesn’t always work.




    I decided to create another blog with the same content in different language and link it somewhere on my main blog while keeping the same theme on both. That have to work for a while.

    …and I checked: it isn’t a violation of Terms of Service.

    Thanks everyone for your undisguised support.

    Here are links for similar topics in case some moderator would want to join or delete something.



    como aderir



    Good question!

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