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A blogger virgin

  1. Hi All,

    I am very new to the world blogosphere and I just uploaded my first blog post in a blog called I'll be basically expressing my "loco" (crazy/insane) thoughts that have come about since I was in middle school which later developed to my crazy personality I own today with little touched of humor added to sustain it from becoming too depressing. I just need your insight on my first post and share your comments on it

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did you delete this blog, already?

  3. Well I used to have it as fellow loco but I decided to change it to loco fellow and I just realized it hasn't changed. The website now is Have a look tell me what you think of my first post

  4. Remove your email from your post, give the post a category name and add tags.

  5. Ok so I added tags and I removed the whole sentence that had my email on it. As this post basically was "an introduction" to the blog you still think it should have a category name?

    Also, what do you think overall of my first post in terms of content? Is it a good starting post or just average?

  6. OK :) remove and don't use Uncategorized use miscellaneous instead.

    Categories and tags should have a total of 9 / 10.

    After the photo at the top use the " read more " or " continue to read " tag to shorten the posts on the front page, you can see them in my posts.

    It all looks good so far.

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