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    Hi All,

    I am very new to the world blogosphere and I just uploaded my first blog post in a blog called locofellow.wordpress.com. I’ll be basically expressing my “loco” (crazy/insane) thoughts that have come about since I was in middle school which later developed to my crazy personality I own today with little touched of humor added to sustain it from becoming too depressing. I just need your insight on my first post and share your comments on it and I am also still confused on how to effectively use plugins and RSS feeds to bring in more readers to my blog. What should be the next step? Appreciate your help ;)

    The blog I need help with is locofellow.wordpress.com.



    You can’t use plugins on a WordPress.com blog. Your RSS feed is built in on a WordPress.com blog. So don’t worry about either of them.



    What about the blog/content itself? Any suggestions I should get in touch with? The next step to drive more people to my blog?



    If you do a forum search you will find literally THOUSANDS of tips on that. I don’t do blog analyses for free, but there are some people in the Showcase forum who will do it if you post there.



    …decide what you want to blog about, select tags that showcase your work, then use those tags to find others writing about the same thing you are. Comment on those blogs, if they’re just starting out they’ll more than likely appreciate the time you took and reciprocate. That’s how blogging relationships are started. Eventually you could surround yourself with ten or twenty people interested in the same things you are, and you grow your blogs together.

    This is where you’ll find some common tags:

    ‘Music’, for example, is a common tag:

    ‘Personal’ would be a good place for you to start:

    You should also change the blog attached to your username:

    1. Dashboard > Personal Settings > Primary Blog > Change > Save
    2. Personal Settings > Account Details > Website > Change > Save

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