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    i thought i read somewhere that i can transfer my blogspot site to wordpress. if so, can someone provide step by step instructions for that process?




    (1) http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/11/09/import-from-blogger-typepad-mt-lj/
    (2) Your images must be uploaded separately one at a time as Blogger does not allow hotlinking.
    (3) The size of the file is important. If it’s over the maximum size: 3m then you may need to break the exported file into sections and/or you may need staff help.
    (4) Choose a time of the day when the internet is not busy in the USA do not choose prime time.
    (5) there are threads in the forum searchbox that may be helpful so, I recommend checking them out first. https://en.forums.wordpress.com/search.php?q=Blogger+import
    (6) If you do need staff support please note that support hours for the holidays are posted here https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=19355



    From your Dashboard, go to Manage > Import and select Blogger. Then follow the instructions from there; it should all happen automatically (I say should, because it’s not a process I’ve run myself ;-) )



    [waves at tt] A much more detailed answer!



    oops! I missed posting this in point (1) above

    From the Blogger import page on your wordpress.com blog:

    To use this importer, you must have a Google account, an upgraded (New, was Beta) blog, and it must be on blogspot or a custom domain (not FTP). The first thing you need to do is tell Blogger to let WordPress access your account. You will be sent back here to the import page on your blog after providing authorization.

    {grinning at wolfieb} :)



    I have now tried the process and it is quite simple; first do as I mentioned above, then click the “Authorise” button. This will take you to Blogger, where you need to grant access to WordPress so that it can look at your Blogger account. Then, when you are returned to WordPress, click the “Magic Button” and all your posts and comments will be imported.

    I had 158 posts, some with images, to import and it took about two minutes. I didn’t have to do anything at the Blogger end (no creating an export file, etc). Simple.



    I should say that I only tried the import process; I did not check each post afterwards to see if they had been imported properly. Timethief mentions there may be issues with images – you’d need to check that separately. What I can attest to, though, is that 158 posts were imported without any error messages.



    From the FAQs at the first link I provided above:

    Blogger users:
    Please be aware that your photos are not imported and you will need to move them from Blogger. The links will not work from here.


    Just make sure to do it early morning U.S. time when the traffic seems to be slower.

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