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    I want to fill my categories with information/postings/articles I have written — before I go live. Can I do this WITHOUT having it appear on my main screen as a post — there will just be too many and detract from my opening “appearance”. Thank you

    The blog I need help with is blissrequirescarefulplanning.wordpress.com.



    Yes, if you save the posts as “drafts” and setup the categories they won’t appear on the home page. When you are ready to have everything go live you can go through and click the “Publish” button for each post to make it appear on the home page.


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    Some of the articles must be on your front page, but:
    You can set the number of posts which will appear on your front page:
    Settings —> Reading —> “Blog pages show at most __ posts” —> Save Changes

    You can also limit how much of a post appears by using the “read more” tag:

    In some themes you can use custom excerpts:


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    Also, you may want to have some of your information on pages rather than published as posts. The distinction between pages and posts is something every blogger should understand:


    Thank you. I think I have not been clear in my Question. I want some posts to SHOW in the “categories section/subsection” on the home page but NOT in the “main section” down the center where new blog pots show up. Saving as draft, for instance, keeps it off the page entirely, which is not what I want. Is what I want understood and is it possible? Thank you.


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    No, if you have posts, they will at some time be visible on your home/front/blog page. But once you add more posts, they will no longer be on the first page.

    It is possible that your prepared posts won’t appear on the front page if you were to post them as dated in the past.

    Can you specify your goal? perhaps there is some other workaround? Sometimes these sort of things are theme dependent. Your blog is private, but it might be useful for volunteers to know which theme you are using.

    Besides what I’ve told you, I am out of ideas.

    By the way, thank you for posting in this your original thread. Perhaps some other volunteer has better ideas…


    I used “Link Categories” instead and seems to work.


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    Oh, yes. I forgot about that.
    an unusual way of doing it, but very clever if it works for you!

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