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    (I am intentionally excluding the names of blogs and bloggers.)

    I just received a comment on one of my posts saying

    I saw you over on XYZ’s latest post and was wondering if you need why so few of this regular followers are no longer on that site. He’s been outed as a sexual predator:

    And then a link to a woman’s blog post was provided.

    I have not approved the comment but I cannot justify reporting the post as inappropriate. Since this person was reacting to my first comment on that blogger’s site, I have no idea if regulars have disappeared from there.

    I did not want to publicize the blogger’s name or the accusatory post in case the accusation is slander. At the same time, it’s something I thought I should bring up here regardless of whether the accusations are legitimate or not. If the post is accurate, it’s the kind of thing that might be helpful to other bloggers and it quite possibly deserves a nod on Freshly Pressed.

    If someone at WP wishes to access my account (if you’re able) and check out the comment, it’s the one by someone named “Just Sayin.” That person’s name does not link to a blog.

    The blog I need help with is bumblepuppies.wordpress.com.



    This is a PUBLIC support forum which is available to everyone on the internet. Please unapprove that comment which I have not reads and communicate with Staff on all such issues view email support@wordpress.com


    Thank you Timethief.



    I have not approved the comment

    Sorry I missed that and good thinking. I’m a retired paralegal. Would ever post libel or a threat of any kind on my blog – absolutely not.



    edit: Would I ever post libel or a threat of any kind on my blog – absolutely not.

    I’m sorry about the missing words above. I’m still suffering from eyestrain and a focusing issue so I apologize.



    It looks like that comment was made by someone who was just trying to reach out to you and provide information. I have no way to confirm or deny their accusations or act upon the information, but I wouldn’t worry about the comment itself.

    I think it’s probably best not to publish the comment.

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