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  1. I've been blogging a couple of months now, and have really been enjoying the WordPress experience in general, and blogging specifically. I was quite surprised though by the community that has formed on my Pirate ship, and 'though I'm new to this experience, I think it's the best part of blogging.

    Post comments have become a village aboard my ship, if that's possible, certainly taking on a life of their own. Visitors to my blog have become fast friends (and able crew), drawing other visitors into the fold. The community spirit seems to be spreading, as visitors follow the WordPress trail back to commentors blogs, and new communities are starting up from their, interconnecting with mine and others blogs. This has been an amazing experience so far, and I'm happy to have an amazing an ever changing crew come through my Pirate ship.

    Stop by if you're in the area, read a post or to, comment if you like, but definitely follow the comment posters back to their blogs, and let them find yours (and they will find it, trust me). You'll never know who'll you'll meet aboard, but I doubt you'll regret the voyage.

    The blog I need help with is

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