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A connection to

  1. Hi my blog is . i have a quest that when i visit my blog , a connection request is sent to was not happened before.neither i didn't add any new widgets.So when i checked the source code of my blog , i found a javascript named as "wordpress.js". and link to script was as
    Also there was an api as So what does has to do with this sort of scripts.Since i have a bit of programming level i checked the response headers too as it was like
    Is this any unauthorized scripts? or any malware?similarly i have also doubt on the script Pls help me with needed info.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Skimlinks is one of the advertising affiliate partners that works with to run ads on our blogs.

    If it is causing you a problem with your blog, you should certainly contact Support directly and point them at this forum thread.

  3. Thanks for the reply, but it will be much helpful to normal bloggers that if wordpress support gives a detailed information regarding it's advertising scripts [analysis of sourcescode, or an online wordpress tool llike that] or scripts in wordpress (like scripts from, etc ), so that we could identify the genuine websites wordpress is connecting to or pinging sites on visiting could also be done as a wordpress support webpage on these scripts.

  4. Express that to staff via the Help button on your dashboard. Volunteers in the forum can do nothing about that.

  5. Make the suggestion by contacting Support directly.

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