A control panel for the Rounded & Rectagular bars in the Enterprise Theme?

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    Please refer to:http://en.blog.wordpress.com/files/2010/05/enterprise-main.jpg

    In the Photo, <img src=”http://en.blog.wordpress.com/files/2010/05/enterprise-main.jpg”>
    the dark gray and light gray bars framing the page- and category-dropdown menus, respectively, have <b>ROUNDED-edges</b> but when the theme is activated these bars are actually <b>RECTANGULAR. </b>

    How does one go from one style to the other?

    The blog I need help with is giotav.wordpress.com.


    “How does one go from one style to the other?” By switching from Explorer to a good browser (Safari or Firefox).

    The theme is designed with rounded corners; but IE continues to ignore many web standards.


    /nod to Panos.

    I think web designers will be so glad when IE fades completely out of the picture. I’m still at a complete loss as to why MS would, for so many years, thumb their noses at the web standards. When they had 75% browser market share, they could do that. Now though, with IE only having 33.4% (April report from W3C) I think web designers are starting to think differently. I know I am.


    The above of course is just my opinion, which along with $3 will get you a regular coffee at Starbucks.



    Very interesting.

    panaghiotisadam & thesacredpath — Many Thanks.

    Luckily for MS, the two rectangles are similar (almost identical if you have astigmatism) If Microsoft’s interpretation of the rounded rectangle were a rhombus, Im sure more percentage pooints would’ve fallen out of their market share overnight,:-)

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