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a couple intresting ideas:

  1. severestormsteve

    I have a few ideas I would like added to this awesome blogging service:

    1. The ability to post audioboo recordings via their java imbed codes. When I try this, all that shows up on my webpage is a whole bunch of code mumble jumble.

    2. The ability to see how many people are online at the current time.

    3. The second idea put in a widget, so people viewing the site can see how many people are on at the same time as they are.

    Best reguards,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 2) and 3) use the widget. You can see it in my sidebar.

  3. severestormsteve

    Thanks raincoaster. I will look for that widget.

  4. It's not one of the standard ones. You have to get it from and put the code in a text widget.

  5. duanedrzadinski

    I've been trying to figure out audioboo as well. No luck on my end either.

    Keep me posted if you find a resolution. I'll do the same.



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