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A couple of HTML questions.

  1. What HTML code will center the two menu entries which show upfront on my Nishita site?

    And, what about HTML code that will center my blog title.

    Sorry for such a dumb question but I figured an html whiz would take care of this quickly.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. castelinokelvin

    To align the blog title to center just add this code in CUSTOM CSS box
    #title h1 a {<br /> border-bottom: 2px solid #181818;<br /> }

    And to align the menu in the center, those two menu options will be final or are there chances you will be going to add more menu's and they all need to be center aligned?

  3. Thanks for the CSS to center the title.
    I think for now that two items in the menu will be sufficient ... how do I center those?

    Thanks castelinokelvin

  4. Also ... the code you provided above did not align the title! I don't know anything about HTML but one would think that the work align or center would need to be in there?
    Please advise!

    Thanks again .


  5. To center the title, add this:

    #title h1 {
        text-align: center;

    One way to center the menu items would be this:

    .layout-photoblog #nav {
        width: 396px;
        margin: auto;

    Note: this is calculated for the particular two items you've got at the moment. If you change the menu items you'll have to change the width accordingly.

  6. Wow! That worked like a dream. A million thanks.
    Since I've got you on the electronic line (as it were), and if you've got time, what about either removing the space on top of my title or adding one below it ... to even things up?

    Promise this will be the last question! (Until the next time, of course)


  7. You're welcome.
    (But I'm not seeing any change on your blog. Have you bought the upgrade or are you just trying out things before buying it?)

    To adjust the space above and below the blog title, add this:

    #title h1 a {
        padding: 35px 0 3px;

    Decrease the 35 and/or increase the 3 till you get the result you prefer.

  8. Worked like a charm ... I was even able adjust the padding to get things just right .... so satisfying.

    Check the blog again ... thing look good to me.

    Finally .. I seem to get padding and alignment OK ... but how do I go about finding out how to reference different areas? For example, I saw how you referenced the title alignment ... and then the title padding ... and then the padding and alignment of that top menu.

    How do I find out how to reference other areas of the thing? For example, on the side bar ... none of the titles (for example the very first one Top Posts ...) are padded correctly. How can I reference and then pad that Top Posts widget?


  9. 1) Checked the blog again, the menu looks ok in Firefox but not in the version of Safari I'm using. So maybe try this instead of my previous suggestion:

    .layout-photoblog #nav {
        padding: 0 0 45px 316px;
        width: 50%;

    2) To find out what to target and how to change it I examine the page using the Firebug add-on in Firefox, and/or I check the original stylesheet of the theme (I have saved the stylesheets of all themes in separate text files).

    3) The selector for all widget titles in Nishita is:
    Now, you'll notice that there's a blackish line under each widget title. That's a bottom border. What you need to add depends on whether you want to increase the space between the title and the border, or the space between the border and the content of the widget (or both). To do the first you need to add a bottom padding, to do the second you need to add a bottom margin. (Think of the title area as a box: padding means space inside the box, margin means space outside the box). Here's both:

    .widget-title {
        margin-bottom: 10px;
        padding-bottom: 10px;

    Play with both numbers and see what you like best.

  10. Wow ... you're a genius. I'll see about saving that style sheet as a text file and chasing down items that way. You're the best justpi. I have been told that I have a rather obsessive personality and these little issues have really been bugging me. I made a switch to Nishita from Photography just the other week. I like that Nishita renders my images really nicely but these little issues I had with alignment and such have been driving me crazy. Now that you've helped me figure this issues out I can look for others! Thanks again for your willingness to assist! Is there a way I can get back to you directly without having to migrate through wordpress assistance? Or, perhaps you'd rather stay clear of bothersome folks like me? If so, I'd understand. Dave from Pennsylvania.

  11. You've created a monster ... it's your fault.
    Remind me how I look at Nishita's 'original style sheet.'
    Sorry ....

  12. a) What you seem to define as "monster" is what I define as "intelligent user, eager to learn, and quite capable of learning" - methinks we both like my definition!

    b) To view the original stylesheet of a theme you go to Appearance > Custom Design > CSS, and...
    ...and I don't know where the fuck WP put the fucking "View original stylesheet" option tonight.
    But you can always find it here:
    (Scroll down and click nishita then click style.css)

  13. Got it. Now I can hunt around for suggestive lines such as 'tag cloud,' or 'category cloud' which both seem to have a bit of cell padding built in and therefore respond somewhat differently to the code you've graciously supplied. I'll see what I can find and then (perhaps) do on my own.

    In any case ... I liked your use of 'methinks,' I know of it from Shakespeare ... Methinks it is like a weasel ... and especially from a computer simulation written by Richard Dawkins (please excuse the source) ...


  14. (Excuse the source? Willy is my favorite writer, and The Blind Watchmaker is one of my favorite books!)

  15. The Blind Watchmaker ... one f your favorites ... really?! I assumed from the Gravatar that you were either a Math or perhaps a Music enthusiast. I am a biologist by trade and have a special interest in evolutionary theory. Dawkins and S. J. Gould are my particular favorites.

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