A couple of ideas for themes

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    Hi all.

    1. ‘Pages’ in some themes cannot be commented on. Like in Regulus 2. I hope you fix this.

    2. Like the way it goes with the posts, you can make them private or password-protected, I’d like it if this is possible too for categories. Would be nice too if a certain category’s entries do not show on the main page. They do only when clicked on that category link.




    Any feedback?



    1. Shiny new themes with a lot of options tend to bring with them a lot of bugs that take a lot of time to fix. This is partly the fault of those of us who whined about the lack of choice and customisation options, and refused to be happy with simpler themes that were known to work properly. Sorry everyone.

    2. Sounds to me more like a plugin idea than anything that would ever be included in the core, so the best place to float this would be the plugins/hacks section over at the .org forums.



    Remember that the themes are not created by the people here at WordPress. They are created by people outside on the net. My suggestion is to follow the theme link that is usually provided somewhere within the theme and contact the author of the theme directly.

    For example, the author of your theme is Binary Moon. (Hey, this person works for MiniClip.) They have a contact page here where you can provide feedback.

    Hope this helps,

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