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    Hello precious members of WP blogging community.
    I would like to ask for some help with these two issues:
    (The blog in question is Baka ♫ Lyrics)

    1. My “site title” along with the tagline recently and suddenly, decided to pop out and go stand over the header image, rather than inside it; as it has been so far.
    I did not manipulate it in any way, and have no idea why this has happened.

    2. I wrapped up and left alone the “Home Page / Recent Posts” problem when I started my blog (Parament theme) with the trick of leaving it unchanged like this:
    (Settings >> Reading >> Front page displays >> A static page >> Front page: -Select-
    … while “Posts page” was selected as “Home”, an empty page I made for posts to show up in.
    My question is, in Parament theme, is there any way around it to make “Posts page” and “Home” the same? The one thing I have great trouble understanding why it isn’t allowed in the first place. The blog looks normal, but the reason I want to fix this is that right now, “kyuzodono.wordpress.com” and same address plus /home are two different things, yet they both show the posts. I want them to be same.

    The blog I need help with is kyuzodono.wordpress.com.




    For the first question I could suppose there has been an update of the theme, but I am not sure about this.

    For the second question, if I have understood it well, the answer is generally about the theme constructed that way, and the turn around is to create custom menus.

    You could look into Appearance > Menu and see if you can create your custom navigation menu from there.

    This usually fixes the “Home”/”Welcome page” issue.



    PS: the general settings allows setting at Home page either the posts in the order they appear, or a Page which will always be the same. It is not related to the “Home” navigation menu behavior, which is something usually written in the php files of the theme and can be easily overwritten with the help of the custom menus. (As long as the theme provides custom menus of course).



    1. “I did not manipulate it in any way”. That’s unlikely. You have the Custom Design upgrade, and you had a piece of code (for positioning the header image) that is now missing. Are you sure you didn’t remove it yourself?

    2. Meylodie is right.
    The homepage isn’t a static page such as those you create in Pages > Add New, it’s just the blog front. And the “Home” link isn’t a page, it’s just a link to the blog front (to the main URL of your blog). Your problem isn’t that you needed a page, your problem is that Parament doesn’t have a built-in Home link in its regular menu.
    a) By default, the blog front displays your most recent posts. You create a page and change things in Settings > Reading when you don’t want the posts on the homepage. So you must first go to Settings > Reading and make sure you’ve set the blog front to display your latest posts.
    b) Then you must go to Pages > All Pages and trash the “Home” page you have created.
    c) And then you must go to Appearance > Menus, create a menu, click View All in the Pages module, select all (including the ready-to-use Home item you’ll see), click Add to Menu, save the menu and set it as your primary menu. For more details on custom menus see this post of mine:



    Thank you both. I had my suspicions it was due to lack of a built-in Home with Parament. That just about wraps the 2nd questionup.

    About the first, yes I’m pretty sure this just happened. I haven’t even been active blogging for a couple of weeks, and last time I checked my blog, things were normal.



    I had the same problem as the first one mentioned above. I edited my menu to include a category item with sub-categories and now suddenly by Header text is no longer orange as designated in my options and the text moved up so that it now covers the text I have in my header image. Would they change a theme like that? It seems like a nonsensical change. My site is http://www.bendmeshapeme.net.




    There has been some attacks on WP as I’m almost sure you all have heard of it. Perhaps something went awry behind the scenes & we are seeing just an aftermath?.. only this is too insignificant to relate to that.



    a) The “attacks” are of no concern to us: they refer to self-hosted blogs, not wordpress.COM blogs.

    b) WP updates things continuously, and this can sometimes create side-effects that aren’t noticed at once. A couple of other users also complained about problems with the blog title on Parament, and there was a similar complaint about Manifest, so WP is probably changing something, and messed something in the process. You’ll have to wait till staff notice this and fix it. (The issue on Manifest got fixed yesterday.)

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