A couple of sandbox customization questions

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    Please forgive me if I’ve overlooked the answers to these questions, but I’ve searched over and over again.
    The blog I am working on is http://www.buttercreamdreamsga.com, and I’m using Sandbox.
    First, I’m trying to attach an image to the footer. I can see that the space is there, but I don’t see the image. Here is my code:
    div#footer {
    footer-image:url (http://buttercreamdreamsga.wordpress.com/files/2009/10/robinspringerfooter.gif);

    Can I do it this way or do I have to change the PHP file? And am I right that that is the ONE PHP file you CAN change for Sandbox in wordpress.com?

    Second, is there any way to get rid of the default sidebar widgets? I really don’t want the meta widget there.

    Thanks in advance!

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