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A day, a photo - Two months have passed ...

  1. Hello wordpress community :)

    After two months my blog has gotten so far, that I am fairly satisfied how it is (although I realize nothing is perfect ...)

    I have managed to post a picture almost every day and I am ready to face the criticism of the wordpress community ;)

    The range goes from North/South America over Europe to Australia ... - I have also tried two "specials" "argentina week" and the recent protests of the Tunisia/Egypt issue ... (first day of the week - the following five are the rest of Argentina week.…-egypt-tunesia/ (part one - part two is on the next day :))

    If you like my blog: If anybody is interested in a link exchange for the blogroll I would be up for it (if I can identify with your blog obviously - it doesn't nessesarily need to be a photoblog - there are a lot of different things :). You should be as enthusiastic in your blog as I am :)

    Overall - Thx for reading that far and I hope that you like my blog ... - I am looking forward to hear from you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Looks good - just clicked a few pages but will definitely check back later on (at work now!!!).

    I have no idea what a blogroll is, but check mine out, you may like it.


  3. PS: that egypt/tunisia link doesn't exist :/

  4. Sorry about that ... - this one should work

    because someone asked - all the pictures are shot by me :)

  5. wow - I am very impressed with your pictures - really like it! A blogroll is the thing on the righthand side of my blog - it displays blogs I am interested in - whenever a blog writes something new, it automatically goes on top of the list (therefore the name blogroll I guess)

    And HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY everyone!!! :)

    Maybe you have your own ideas as well, that could finish this question :) - looking forward to your ideas!

  6. Wow hi! I'm also doing a photo a day project this year, and haven't been as hardworking - have missed a day or two already! Your blog looks great and I'm enjoying it a lot, love the colours and everything.

    Be sure to pop by my photo blog too! I try to take pictures everyday and post them to sum up my day, but sometimes I'll just post older shots.

    This is a recent photo walk around Chinatown in Singapore I took - first time trying out street photography!

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